May 31, 2016
You can be a hero just for one day.

Here comes the sun, Angeleno, here comes the sun and I (and George Harrison) say: it’s alright… kind of. Well, this last part is all me, but I’m sure George would be okay with my editing if we added there that it is only really alright if you play it safe during the summer -- for you and your little darling, that furry loving ball probably rolled up somewhere super close to you, even as you read this.

You can keep your rose colored (round) glasses, but it’s important to remember that your buddy needs some extra TLC during the summer, for starters get your furry friend out of the house for one of the best events of the summer every Saturday night: Eat|See|Hear.

The festival is the perfect opportunity to have a nice time with your best friends (two and four-legged) and work on that sunkissed skin you’ve been California dreamin’ about -- but this might be a nightmare for your pooch, since he/she feels the hot temperatures a lot differently than you do! A few thoughts on looking out for your little pal:

In order to make sure your pal has easy and constant access to fresh water -- and the Eat|See|Hear team will help you out with that by placing bowls strategically around the venue. However, it is always good to have water and a collapsable bowl with you on a hot day when you are spending time with your furry friend.

Although you look great in your trashed jeans and cool t-shirt, I’m sure your buddy wants to go au naturel under the LA sun and wear nothing but a smile on his/her face. And if things start to get really hot, it’s time to consider a “Brazilian grooming”: no hair, don’t care!

It goes without saying that their soft, thin skin comes with a price, and it can be very sensitive to the sun! So in order to prevent sunburns, don’t be shy to pour on the waterproof sunscreen formulated for pets with exposed skin. If thin coated a loose t-shirt can help, but to avoid the sun is the best and to that our final tip.

Last but not least, we have to recall what some Hollywood hits have taught us and be aware of its exceptions: nobody puts baby in the corner, but if the corner has some cool shade, that’s exactly where you have to put baby!

Just like in any relationship, the success of this one is also communication. And even though your better half cannot verbalize feelings and needs, he/she finds their own way of letting you know what they want. We are aware that a bunch of good-looking people are scattered all over the place, but make sure to have some flow of real eye contact with the one that is really never gonna leave you, because at any sign of discomfort, you can work your moves and save the day. If we cannot be Batman, Superman or Wonder Woman on the big screen, we can at least save the day for the little sidekick that already looks after you like a hero.

The month of June promises to be a great one for screenings with Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Jurassic Park, Trainwreck and Dazed and Confused! Not to mention the great live music with Jamie Wyatt, Night Lights, Sleeping Wolf, and Maszer. With options on the Westside and the Valley get the gang together and head out with your furry friends to catch some live music and a flick on the largest outdoor screen in Southern California! Full Schedule is here.

PS. If you take a picture of your dog enjoying Eat|See|Hear and post it on Instagram with #dogsofesh you might win a pair of tickets to an upcoming Eat|See|Hear movie!

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