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Tanner Studio Services
4539 W Adams Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90016
P: 310-283-1027

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Tanner Studio Services was founded to serve the film industry. Offering quality cleared art, photography, graphics and prints with an eye on the accelerating speed of tomorrow's production pipeline.

We have a large inventory available for rental and purchase online or in our gallery.

We are the first and only company to offer:

Custom sized artwork from our online inventory for your set, interior design project or home.

Fully scalable giclee prints on stretched canvas or paper and framed, ready for pick-up or delivery in three business days with little added costs.

All works can be color corrected to your specifications for an additional hourly fee. You can even sit with our artists as they customize your final piece.

Fine artwork can be commisioned for your project or home. From intimate sized family portraits to a museum scale mural on stretched canvas, we have you covered.

Print on demand artworks are also for sale. Come into our gallery or go to our online store and order custom scaled glicee prints on canvas or paper and have them shipped anywhere you like.

"Download and Go ©" graphics. Select from hundreds of photos, posters, logos, can wraps and cleared brands in our database. We can process them for you. Or you can download and process them yourself from your out of state or remote location. Single use graphic offerings are available at a sensible discount thanks to our user friendly, time-stamped proprietary software "Download & Go ©", which allows the end user to print for a limited time from our digital file before it overwrites itself.

Artwork will be shown in one person and group exhibitions every five weeks. Stay in touch and come to our openings for craft beer and wine tastings with small plate food samplings.