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What is Dog Sniffer?

Dog Sniffer is a free resource for dog owners, that provides information and user generated reviews about dog friendly businesses and destinations in the categories of Activities; Dining; Services; Health & Care; Training; Shopping; and Travel.

Why the name Dog Sniffer?

The original idea was to provide a search engine for anything dog related and when dogs search for something, they sniff it out. It only seemed logical!

What do you mean by Sniff it, Dig it, Review it?

  • Sniff it = Search out anything and everything dog.
  • Dig it = If you have a great experience you dig it man! You and your dog let the world know!
  • Review it = Go into more detail about your favorite waiter, the great doctor, or that fantastic cut!

Why use Dog Sniffer?

  • An easy one stop destination for dog owners to get information and reviews on local veterinarians, groomers, trainers, restaurants, hotels and other dog services and destinations.
  • Read reviews from dog owners that love their dogs as much as you do (almost).
  • Chat with other dog owners for fun, insight and education.
  • Plan an entire day or even a vacation with your dog.

Do I have to be a member to use the site?

Dog Sniffer is a free resource for any visitor to the site, however, creating a free profile and becoming a member allows you to place reviews, add listings and interact with the other members of the site. Not to mention lead a more satisfying and fulfilling life.

Do I need to pay for my Dog Sniffer membership?

No. Our goal is to provide a free resource for dog owners, lovers, and businesses or organizations that support our canine companions.

What is the Dog Sniffer Wag Tag?

The Dog Sniffer Wag Tag is the total score given to each listing and member on Dog Sniffer. This is a score is based on a variety of criteria listed in the tables below. The score recalculates each night at midnight (PST). Listings with the highest Wag Tag will be listed on the prestigious Leaders of the Pack section (See table 1). The members with the highest Wag Tag will see their reviews placed above all others (See table 2). The Dog Sniffer Wag Tag will help to keep the presentation of information current and fresh on the website. Have a look the next from now on The point values may change as the site matures.

Table 1: Dog Sniffer Wag Tag criteria for Leaders of the Pack

Criteria Category Points Awarded / Reset at Midnight
Number of times listing has been clicked on in by unique users, this includes clicks from: Merchant specific searches, general search page results, Special Offer nearby, and related searches links. Every 10 clicks = .25 point
Overall Highest # Paw Rating 1 point
Paw Rating 1 Paw = .25 point
Overall Highest # of Dig it awards 1 point
Dig it awards 1 Dig it = .50 point
Over All Highest # Best of Show awards 1 point
Best of Show awards 1 point
Number of reviews on listing 1 review = .25 point

Table 2: Dog Sniffer Wag Tag criteria for members

Criteria Points Awarded /Recalculate every reload
Length of membership of User 1 week = .25 point
Number of reviews posted by User 1 review = 1 point
Number of listings added by User 1 listing = 2 points
Amount of time spent on site by User 1 active hour = .50 point
Overall Dig Its awarded by User 1 Dig It = 1 point
Overall Best of Shows awarded by User. 1 Best of Show = .25 point
Helpful rating awarded 1 Helpful award = .50 point
Amusing rating awarded 1 Amusing award = .50 point
Clever rating awarded 1 Clever award = .25 point

What is the Leaders of the Pack section?

On the home page there is a display of each of the top five listings on the site in each main category; Activities, Dining, Services, Health & Care, Training, Shopping, and Travel. Each listing is ranked daily on a variety of criteria that is called the Dog Sniffer Wag Tag. The highest scoring listings are placed into the prestigious Leaders of the Pack section.

How do I use the Dig It feature?

When you and your dog have personally enjoyed the listing on Dog Sniffer you can let people know that the place is great without even leaving a review. Just click the Dig it button to give credit where credit is due! A Dig it counts positively on the Listing's Wag Tag score.

Do I need a profile to add a review or listing?

Yes. In order to submit a review or listing, you must create a basic account. To create an account, click here.

How do I get the Helpful, Amusing, and Clever buttons at the bottom of my reviews?

Be Helpful. Be Amusing. Be Clever.

I can’t find a particular dog friendly business.

If the location that you are looking for doesn’t appear, we haven’t sniffed it out yet. Please give us a hand (or paw) and list it here.

Where do you receive your information?

Information has been either researched and/or collected by the Dog Sniffer Pack or submitted by users or the businesses themselves.

Do you share or sell any of my personal information?

Dog Sniffer will never share or sell any of your personal information. Your privacy is important to us.

When is Dog Sniffer coming to my city?

Currently we are only in Southern California, but we have big plans… and they include you! In the mean time, you can add listings in your city by clicking here.

I own a dog friendly business. How can I get involved?

It is always free to create a listing on Dog Sniffer. However, we do offer many additional ways to upgrade your membership and market your business through Dog Sniffer. For more information, please contact

How do I report errors, omissions, or inappropriate postings?

If you notice an incorrect listing or inappropriate review, please contact The Dog Sniffer Pack will review your submission and make changes within a few days.

Will Dog Sniffer remove bad reviews of paying merchants?

All reviews placed on Dog Sniffer are permanent unless in violation of the terms of use. If you feel a review is in violation of the terms of use please contact us

What if I have a question that was not answered here?

We will try to provide the answer if you email us at