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The Dog House
5959 W. 3rd St.
Los Angeles, CA 90036
P: 323-549-9663

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The Dog House opened in 1995 as LA's first dog daycare center. Our experience benefits dogs of all shapes and sizes! The Dog House staff are experienced handlers who encourage socialization and play for a “dogs’ dog”, or provide compassionate companionship for the more human-oriented dog. The Dog House provides a loving environment for your dog in our unique facility - large enough for play, yet small enough to be highly supervised and maintained! We have central air conditioning, natural light all day through skylights, fresh air circulating constantly, and a small outdoor patio with gravel area for potty on one side. Our setup is also ideal in that there are areas where dogs can take a break from the action on our benches, the staircase to the office, the sunbeams on the other side of the patio, or The Zen Den, a special room for naps.