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Pawsitive Feedback Training
P.O. Box 642253
Los Angeles, CA 90064
P: 310-266-9418


  • Areas Serviced: Los Angeles
  • Private Classes: Yes
  • Group Classes: Yes

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Certified Dog Trainer, D. Sakurai, provides dog training tips & info on pet care. Advocates the use of positive and reward-based methods of animal training. Both group and private, in-home dog training available.

Endeavor to provide you and your pet a training program to fit your needs. Program focuses not only on the animal, but also teaches owners how to apply these principles in their everyday routine.

Pawsitive Feedback Training promotes humane methods of dog training emphasizing positive reinforcement techniques. Your dog will be more motivated to perform when the outcome is likely to be a positive experience. They avoid the use physical punishment or overly harsh corrections.