January 9, 2022
10 Unique and Secret Ways Your Dog Says “I Love You.”

Dogs are one of the most adorable and lovable pets. As devoted pet parents, all of us love our dogs. We love them; therefore, we express our love in various ways. However, have you ever wondered whether your furry friend loves you or not? If he loves you, can he express it? Well, in this article, we are going to look at the top 10 secret and surprising ways your dog says, "I love you."

Previously, when dogs behaved in a different manner, the owner of that dog used to get confused as to what their dog was trying to indicate. But, with the passage of time, as science started to explore the area of dog communication, we humans began to understand different signs of our four-legged friend. We started to understand what our dog was trying to express and indicate. As a result of that, we also got to know the secret ways dogs express their love towards their owner.

Even though these signs may not be as plain as a pikestaff, still, by identifying certain behaviors, you can know whether your pooch loves you or not. So, without further ado, let's jump right into today's topic!

1. Leans on You

The first clear indication that your dog loves you is when he leans on you. Leaning on someone is a sign of care, support and compassion. Most of the time, dogs tend to lean on their owners when they want their attention. When they feel anxious or scared, they lean on their owners. If your pooch comes and leans on you, there is a high chance that he is feeling anxious and wants to stay around you.

Now a dog would only lean on you if he trusts you and loves you. Your furry friend loves you, and therefore, he thinks that leaning on you would keep him protected and safe. Isn't it cute?

2. Stare Directly Into Your Eyes

If your four-legged friend has ever stared directly into your eyes for a prolonged period of time, there is a high probability that he loves you. According to Brian Hare, who is a well-recognized dog specialist, while giving an interview to CNN's Anderson Cooper has said that, when dogs
tend to stare directly into your eyes, they are trying to hug you with their eyes.

Your dog will only look into your eyes for an extended period of time if he really trusts you and loves you. They will maintain eye contact, and you yourself will feel as if you are drowning in your pooch's eyes. How adorable it is when your dog says I love you by looking at your eyes.
Indeed, it is one of the best feelings a devoted pet parent could have.

3. Wags Tail to The Right

There are a number of reasons due to which a dog wags its tail. However, it is quite certain that they wag their tail in order to indicate something. They want to express what they feel about the other person. Now wagging the tail is not always a positive thing. In this regard, two vets, along with a neuroscientist from Italy, filmed and recorded the angles of the tail wag.

According to what they recorded, the dog wags its tail when he looks at other people or any other animal such as a cat. They found out that dogs tend to wag their tails towards the left side when they look at someone else other than their owner. For instance, if a dog looks at a stranger, he is certainly going to wag his tail towards the left side. But, when a dog looks at its owner, he will wag his tail towards the right side. So next time when you notice that your furry friend is wagging the tail towards the right side, he is actually trying to tell you that he loves you!

4. Yawns When You Yawn

Have you ever experienced yourself being in a situation where you tend to yawn, and the other person sitting near you also yawns? Well, almost all of us experience such a thing. This, in scientific terms, is referred to as a contagious yawn, and it is considered to be a sign of empathy.

You may have experienced this with another human being, but did you know that dogs also tend to yawn when they see their owner yawning? According to the American Kennel Club, yawning is not only contagious in human beings, but it also affects our dogs as well. So, if you ever notice your furry friend yawning after watching you yawn, know that it is a sign of a very strong bonding between you and your adorable little friend.

5. Does Not Panic When You Leave

I have heard many dog owners say that their dogs tend to panic when they leave home for work or school. Is this a sign of love that your dog is trying to show you, or is it something else? Well, it is certainly not a sign of love. It is an indication that your dog feels unsafe and anxious when you leave him alone or are not around him.

When a dog truly loves you, he will show you that by trusting you and by staying calm when you leave him alone. They know and understand that you will come back for them.

6. Sleeps In Your Bed or In Your Bedroom

Did you know that dogs always want to belong to a pack? Well, this means that they want to stay with the pack all the time and never want to leave it. It is a great sign that shows the loyalty of dogs.

One way a dog indicates this is by sleeping in your bedroom or even in your bed. They consider you as a part of their pack, and therefore, they do not want to leave you or get separated from you. So, if your dog sleeps in your bed, then it is certain that he loves you.

7. Gets Excited When You Return Home

As we mentioned before, a dog who loves its owner will stay silent and will not panic when its owner leaves them. It is a sign that a dog loves its owner. However, when their owner returns back, the same dogs tend to get excited and freak out.

If you notice your dog jumping here and there and greeting you when you return back home, remember that it is a sign that your dog loves you and is now feeling happy and joyous after seeing you. This really banishes all kinds of stressful thoughts going on in your mind about work and job.

8. Cuddles with You After Dinner

We all know dogs love food the most. They are always hungry and ready for another tasty meal. But did you know that if your furry friend cuddles with you after dinner, he is showing you that he loves you?

Well, this is a sign that a dog loves its owner and considers them the most important part of its life besides eating. If your pooch does the same, then there are chances that he is trying to tell you that he loves you and you are important to him.

9. Brings You a Toy

Another amazing sign that shows a dog loves you is that he will bring you a toy and would force you to play with him. Not just that, but this behavior also indicates that your four-legged friend is trying to make you happy and pleased and is giving you a gift to bring a smile to your face.

As we know, dogs had wolf ancestors and what they did in order to please their pack leader was to bring dead squirrels to them, showing their loyalty and love towards their leader. The same thing dogs also follow. They consider you their pack leader and present you with toys in order to
please you. This is also a sign that they love you.

10. Licks You

If your furry friend licks you, then this is a clear sign that he loves you. He feels good and gets pleasure when he licks you. Most of the dogs tend to stay happy and calm when they lick their owners.
This is also an indication of love and affection towards their owner. A dog would never lick someone he doesn't love or trust. He will only lick his owner, provided that he loves his owner and feels good being around them.

Final Thoughts

In the end, I would just like to say that if you really want your pooch to love you, make sure to give him proper attention and the amount of love and affection you expect from him. Remember, you get what you give.

I hope this article provided you with some interesting and useful information. If you want to learn more about dogs, make sure to explore our other amazing articles on various dog-related topics. Until next time, goodbye!

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