Beginner Dog Training Workshop & Social with Brent LaBrada


at 11:50 am to 1:50 pm

Admission Fee: $50


Westwood Dog Park

1393 Veteran Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90024
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Come join other local dog owners interested in exploring the world of dog training alongside Behavioral & Training Expert Brent LaBrada.

Have you always dreamed of being able to bring your dog safely with you to restaurants, parks, or hiking? Your dog should get to experience some of the fun in life, too; but, that's only if he knows what he's supposed to do! Join us for a two-hour Q&A/Social/Dog Training overview with master trainer Brent LaBrada.

What We Will Cover:

-Overview of Dog Training Concepts and Essentials, including: Behavior Training, Obedience Training, Socialization Training, Fear & Aggression

-Question and Answer Session (ever wonder why your dog does certain things? Well, this is your chance to ask those questions you've been dying to know)

-Basic Obedience Demo

-Dog Mom & Dad Social -- Get to know your fellow dog parents!

IMPORTANT: Dogs are welcome, but not required. If you bring your dog, he/she MUST:

Not be aggressive towards people OR other dogs -- you will be asked to leave without refund if your dog displays signs of any aggression
Be properly leashed and at owner's side at all times throughout the event

About Brent LaBrada

Since the age of 18, Brent LaBrada has been dedicated to improving the lives of dogs and their families. After volunteering at the local animal shelter, Brent moved into the field of dog training in order to help those dogs in need. For 10 years, Brent was integral in revamping the training programs and services at one of Los Angeles’ premier dog training facilities. In 2016, he created his own training and consulting company, CANIS – Behavior and Training to help educate dog trainers as well as dogs. Within the last year, he also founded The CANIS Foundation whose mission is to rescue dogs through the power of training and education. Brent’s latest passion project is co-founding the Dog Trainers Podcast to energize and inform the new generation of dog trainers. Brent devotes his life to bettering the lives of all dogs and the people who care for them.

The CANIS Mission

My mission for CANIS is to get people to rethink the relationship they have with their dogs. Over the past 14 years I’ve learned that dog training techniques aren’t enough. A true dog trainer needs to be a great educator of people if they are hoping to make significant change for families. Education and coaching are key in developing my clients into being the best dog or or parent that they can be.