CicLAvia–Heart of LA


at 9:00 pm to 4:00 pm



MacArthur Park

2208 W 7th St, Los Angeles, CA 90057
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CicLAvia–Heart of LA
On Sunday, October 9, we're opening up streets in in downtown Los Angeles so you can jog, ride, bike, skate, run, walk, skateboard, spectate, and enjoy the route however you want. Our routes are welcoming to people of all ages and abilities! This CicLAvia is presented by Metro.

New to CicLAvia?
Here are some things to know before you go:

CicLAvia is FREE!
CicLAvia lasts from 9am to 4pm.
CicLAvia closes streets to car traffic and opens them for people to walk, skate, bike, play, and explore parts of Los Angeles County.
CicLAvia is not a race! There's no starting point or finish line—begin where you like and enjoy the day your way.
CicLAvia traffic flows in two directions, just like regular traffic. Check out more rules of the route.
As a general rule of thumb, only people-powered vehicles are allowed, with exceptions for persons with disabilities. That means we do not allow electric scooters, skateboards, hoverboards, unicycles, motorcycles and other non-people-powered vehicles, but we do allow motorized wheelchairs and related vehicles for people with disabilities. We want to make sure that everyone can enjoy our route.

Are e-bikes allowed? Class 1 e-bike pedal-assist allowed. Class 2 e-bikes allowed when throttle is powered off. Class 3 e-bikes allowed when pedal-assist is powered off. Learn more here. General rule of thumb: if you're pedaling (and not riding), you're clear.
We're closely following LA County Public Health guidelines as we approach the event. Masks are required on public transit in Los Angeles County. If you need a mask we will have complimentary masks available at our Info Booths and of course we have a Branded mask for sale if you want to add one to your collection.
As consideration for being allowed to participate in a CicLAvia, all participants are deemed to have released from liability and waived any right to sue its organizers, their employees, officers, volunteers and agents from any and all claims, including claims of negligence, resulting in any physical injury, illness (including death) or economic loss suffered as a result of participating in this CicLAvia.
By participating in a CicLAvia event, each participant understands that there are risks, such as physical and/or psychological injury, pain, suffering, illness, disfigurement, temporary or permanent disability, death or economic loss. These injuries or outcomes may arise from a participant’s or other’s actions, inactions, or negligence, or the condition of the location (s) or facility (ies). Nonetheless, participants assume all known and unknown risks of participation in CicLAvia.
Questions or Concerns
For general event information please email us or call 213.355.8500.

For concerns regarding the Los Angeles street closure permit, contact LA Bureau of Street Services, Investigation, and Enforcement Division, Special Events at 213.847.6000.