Outdoor Dog Friendly Sound Bath


at 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm



Farquhar Park

898 12th St, Huntington Beach, CA 92648
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Join us for a dog friendly sunset sound bath with meditation, light breathwork and aromatherapy. This is a donation-based event where all are welcome! Let's get your week started on a high note!

Sound therapy helps reduce stress and creates a deep sense of peace for both humans and animals, allowing the body to be more receptive to healing. If you are bringing your dog, please come 15 mins early so they can get acquainted with the environment.

The session starts with Diamarie guiding you through an interactive meditation to calm and recalibrate your energy (and your dog's energy, if you bring one). You will be using your hands to be your own energy healer. Then Chris aka Healer4Higher will ground you with some light breathwork leading into his sound bath. We will be playing 432hz perfect pitch crystal sound bowls, a 32 inch gong, a rain stick, drums, shakers and various chimes to help induce relaxation and clear energy for each participant. The space will be infused with our aromatherapy mists. You will leave feeling revitalized.

Feel free to stay after if you would like to chat, hangout, make new friends and share your experience with us. We would love to get to know everyone and create a beautiful community of like-minded people.

✨Suggested Donation: $10 to $30 (Donate what you can)

✨Donations: Venmo - @CENTME, Zelle, Paypal or Cash

✨Healer4Higher aromatherapy mists can be purchased for $13 each

✨Connect with us Instagram - @Healer4higher @Diamarie111

I would love for everyone to join my meetup group.

Meetup group:



✨I will be located where there is space at the park. Please walk around and look for the gong. Location changes based on space.


✨ Comfortable and check the weather to see what to wear.

Things to bring:

✨Love, kindness, an open heart and open mind

✨ Something to lay on (yoga mat/blanket/towel)

✨ Blanket/Sleeping Bag (in case it gets cold)

✨ Water

✨ Snacks

✨ Pillow

✨ Eye Mask

✨ Crystals


✨Try to arrive early. Please look for street and neighborhood parking.

Farquhar Park Huntington Beach

Sunday July 16th