Pugs n’ Play


at 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm




905 E 2nd St, #110, Los Angeles, CA 90012
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Free 1 hour dog social event for Pug breeds! Meet up with other Pug parents and their dogs for free @ Dogdrop 🙂 All ages welcome.
About this event
Free event for dogs and their humans. Fun dog socialization for PUG pups or PUG mixes only. Do you have a dog that's a pug breed? If you have a pug of any kind this is the event for them!

About this event
This event is for the DTLA pug community! Come hang with us at our PUG MEETUP to meet some new pug friends!

+ Event is for pugs or pug mixes only
+ All dogs must show proof of current vaccination records (Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella) to enter Dogdrop
+ Okay if dog is unaltered for breed specific events
+ All humans must sign a waiver and humans are responsible for their dog
+ We have the right to ask dog's to leave or be leashed if play gets unsafe
+ Unvaccinated folks must wear mask