Saturday Dog Club – Support Main Street Party, Win $250 !


at 10:00 am to 2:00 pm



The California Heritage Museum & The Victorian

2612 Main St, Santa Monica, CA 90405
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Our objective Is to redefine the dog walking experience and make It 50 times more fun and community oriented.

Come have a "wuf" with us. Join our weekly walk with our trusted community of dog lovers. Anyone who loves dogs is welcome in our pack. 🐶

Here's. how it works.....

1. We will send a list of participating businesses 24 hours in advance

2. Saturday morning, get up and meet / support 5+ businesses on the list and take a photo at each business

3. Meet us at Base Camp @ The California Heritage Museum and show photo proof that you met the local shop

4. The first 10 people to prove their participation receive a $25 AMEX gift card.

It's that simple. AND...For anyone wanting to just come and hang, LETS DO IT. We will still be having our weekly gathering from from 10: 00 AM -2:00PM!

Base Camp Details:

We have exciting activities planned for both dogs and their humans!

🐾 Dog adoptions

🐾 Free Treat tasting

🐾 Indulge in free delicious treats and refreshments from local vendors.

🐾 Connect with fellow dog lovers and share stories, tips, and tricks.

Whether you're a proud dog owner, a dog enthusiast, or simply looking for a fun day out, this event is for you!

Check out our shop on the website and rock the collection as you join the pack -