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A-Team Dog Training
Los Angeles, CA 91107
P: (213) 516-5402
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  • zaylaclover33Active 6 months, 1 week ago
    Said on Mar 21, 2023 by zaylaclover33 Reply

    There are no words to describe my gratitude for Dawit. My 2 year old lab/golden retriever mix was EXTREMELY insecure -- reactive to anything and everything (skateboards, trucks, people, dogs, etc). Taking her out for walks was impossible and stressful. When I finally stumbled on A-Team, we came to the consultation and she was muzzled, drooling, panting, and barking nonstop. After 3 weeks of obedience training and another week for e-collar training, my girl made a full 180 and is confident and secure. I can taker her for walks, go to the dog park, and have her off leash in public. It's unbelievable how far she's come. However, as an owner, you too, MUST be willing to follow the rules Dawit sets and put in the work to help your dog. Overall, all the time and effort pays off for a happier life for you and your pup.

    I cannot say enough amazing things about A-Team. Dawit truly cares about each dog that he trains. He is genuine and one of the biggest reasons why I chose (and stand by) A-Team. Jinny, his assistant, is super accommodating, thorough, and quick to respond/follow up. I recommend A-Team to anyone with a dog, with or without severe behavioral issues.

Our company specializes in Dog training. We handle all cases! You bring us your dog related issues, and we'll give you a new, happier, confident, and a transformed dog! My approach when training any dog is that, I do not use any treat-based training mostly because when you use treats to train a dog, you are only giving them a momentary distraction by rewarding them with a commodity that is highly valued in the dog's world. As a result, a dog will do anything for a stranger let alone for his/her owner whenever food or treats are involved. My training approach involves using a technique dogs use to communicate amongst themselves, which I call "The Dog Language Principle!" This training method (which is highly used by professional trainers like Cesar Millian) is exactly identical in the way dog parents use to train their pups or pack leader dogs use to maintain order and balance. It is the primary reason why I am able to get immediate results and lasting transformation for my clients because I use a training method that does not confuse dogs, instead communicates with them on a deeper level. Call us now to schedule your first FREE Private session!