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Event: Dog Adoptions & Pet CBD in time for 4th of July at Allbirds Century City


at 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm

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CALLING ON ALL DoVE Project Families/Ambassadors to the Anti-Dog Meat Trade!!!

Are you and your pups ready for a safe and calm 4th of July?

If not, we’re here to help! As a DoVE supporter, we invite you to attend a very special event featuring DoVE Project and Wonderfull on:

Saturday, July 2, 2022 Noon at Allbirds, Westfield-Century City


We’ll be revealing a first look at our latest collab launching just in time for those 4th of July fireworks: DoVE Project + Wonderfull’s Pet CBD Tincture.

Wonderfull will donate a portion of the proceeds to DoVE Project to help continue the rescue and campaign work it does in S. Korea.

To celebrate the launch, we designed a new kind of puppy adoption event with you, our powerful supporters, in mind!

Join us on Saturday, July 2nd if you’re interested in:

A serotonin boost for you (meeting our pups), and a little CBD for them.
How-to CBD for dogs: just in time for 4th of July, we’ll help you demystify this “magic pill” and finally understand how to shop for the right fit products for you and your pup
Connect with other dog lovers and anti-dog meat trade advocates

Wonderfull and DoVE Project have a packed agenda.

01:00p: Kick off with an educational, guided community conversation around the latest updates on our work to end the dog meat trade in S. Korea. Get an inside look at what DoVE’s plans are in the upcoming BokNal in S. Korea.
01:30p: Demystify CBD for dogs featuring surprise gifts, and our exclusive CBD product reveal
02:00p: Meet & Greet with the cofounders of DoVE Project, the cofounders of Wonderfull and talk about the specific need for your dog, or even meet your next Fur Child!

HEADS UP: Parking may take 10-15 min.

At all times of the event, you will have the opportunity to meet several dog meat trade survivors. We’re taking over Allbirds Century City for the afternoon – come and meet them!

If you’ve been part of the DoVE community for a while, welcome back! Let’s use this opportunity to reunite around our shared purpose; your dog may even reunite with his/her long lost siblings/mom/dad!!

Do good for your dog, by doing good for DoVE dogs. Join the movement to end the dog meat trade in S. Korea!


Wonderfull is on a mission to redefine the world’s definition of Healing. We work to provide better access to the tools, resources, and education people need to reclaim empowerment on their unique, personalized Healing Journey.

Each collection that we launch is called a Journey. In each Journey, we focus on a call to action. Our inaugural Journey is called “Revive”. Through natural formulation design we explore the opportunity to Revive the innate regenerative healing properties of our human biology. Healing is a holistic experience; it harmonizes your internal world with your external circumstances. A factor of your external world is the loved ones you spend your time with.

Here at Wonderfull, dogs are a part of our family–their love and companionship is Healing. It’s a priority that our inaugural collection features a bonus product designed just for the pets in our family. Our exclusive Pet CBD line prioritizes quality, education, and transparency. We chose to launch this line in collaboration with DoVE Project in order to support their mission to end the dog meat trade in S. Korea.

Through our work with DoVE Project, you can give back to this incredible mission, while also doing good for your dog's health.

Together, we can make Healing and Joy a human right.

ABOUT DoVE Project

Dog meat trade is an estimated billion dollar industry, mostly an unregulated market in Asia. S. Korea is the only country in the world where the dog meat industry is an openly accepted business industry and therefore, there are thousands of approved dog meat farms in S. Korea. There, the dogs are bred for human consumption and these dogs are called "Meat Dogs."

Thankfully, public awareness about the dog meat trade in S. Korea has been rapidly shifting against the dog meat industry and consumption has declined steeply in the last 5-10 years.

Founded in 2016, DoVE has been tirelessly advocating, educating, and campaigning to change hearts and minds of the S. Korean citizens in S. Korea and closed down several illegal dog farms, and rescued thousands of dogs by partnering with S. Korean activists and organizations in S. Korea.

Here are the highlights:

DoVE has been involved in closure of 7 dog meat farms in S. Korea and in all cases, rescued many, if not all, of the remaining dogs from the farm.
DoVE believes that as an outside organization, it first has to learn and experience our target country's history and culture by visiting the country. It made 6 visits to S Korea between January 2017 through April 2019 at the founders' personal expenses. They visited several dog farms, a puppy mill, and wet markets and spoke to the farmers and merchants in an attempt to bridge the gap between their lack of understanding. They also spoke to many S. Korean citizens and lawmakers to understand how they think. As a result, DoVE is proud of its ability to effectively chart its way through the difficult maze of S. Korean dog meat trade and counter the challenges it often faces even today.
DoVE's co-founders were two Executive Producers of a critically acclaimed documentary film, Nureongi ("Yellow Dog"), debuted in Seoul Eco Film Festival in June 2021 in Seoul Korea. The review of the film was featured in all major S. Korean newspapers, TV, and magazines, raising a huge splash of awareness by the S. Korean citizens.
DoVE has facilitated adoptions of over a thousand dogs in loving homes in the USA, mostly in Southern California. DoVE prides itself on its "Lifetime Promise" to the DoVE dogs that it will always have their backs.

DoVE firmly believes in its mission of ending the dog meat trade in S. Korea. It will continue its fight to free all dogs from the violent dog meat trade. First in S. Korea, and onto the next.