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Decoding Dogs
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  • Pappy's PappyActive 1 week, 6 days ago
    Said on Oct 25, 2022 by Pappy's Pappy Reply

    My guy just turned 5 years old, but spent the first 4.5 years of his life locked in an outdoor kennel while wearing a bark collar. Needless to say he is dealing with a bit of anxiety and reactivity. He is coming along great, but I decided to do some research on dog trainers and discovered that Cassian (decoding Dogs) has worked with many rescues and knew that was a good foundation. He came to my apartment and we walked with Pappy for a brief introduction and then when we got back to the apartment made an assessment of his daily life and access. Cassian provided some great tips that actually yielded results almost immediately and gave me a good roadmap to follow to develop better habits and structure. Basically giving me the tools to take control of the situation, but of course I need to train too! He followed up with me a few days later to see how all was going. Overall a very positive experience and I'd highly recommend him if you have even minor issues with your pup!

Decoding Dogs goal is to teach you how to understand and communicate with your dog to achieve desired traits and correct unwanted behaviors.

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About Cassian Sandeberg

His strengths lie in building communication between dog and owner. He helps you understand your dog and the behavior he/she exhibits. Then he provides knowledge and instruction in a way you can understand and follow successfully. Cassian believes in giving you the tools needed for long-term success, as in the old adage of teaching a man to fish as opposed to just giving a man a fish.

Changing your dogs behavior is not like fixing a broken leg where the doctor sets it and you're good to go ... you and your dog's development is an on going process.

Through his partnership you will gain the support needed to maintain the training you and your dog receive. It's important that each dog and owner finds a symbiotic life together and Cassian is always available to answer questions and help with your dog's development.

Growing up in rural England, Cassian found himself always surrounded by animals. His parents are avid dog lovers with never fewer than three dogs in their home at any given time. Spending time in the family stable of horses and on the local farms there was never a shortage of wild life to provide ample studying opportunities.

In this caring environment, Cassian learned to interact with animals becoming fascinated with their behaviors. Often taking in and caring for wildlife or simply studying animals survival techniques to family dynamics.

After moving to Los Angeles, Cassian started working and volunteering at local rescues and shelters. As part of the rescue community, he quickly realized how many dogs were given up by their owners due to behavioral issues. For the next ten years he worked with local trainers evaluating and reconditioning thousands of dogs. Interacting with new and current owners, he quickly realized that no single methodology worked for every single dog and that every case must be evaluated individually concluding the only effective way to approach each unique situation is to first 'decode the dog.