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Iron Teapot Dim Sum & Bar
10306 Venice Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90034
P: (424) 258-6000


  • Waiter Service: Yes
  • Reservations: Yes
  • Full Bar: Yes
  • Vegan Options: Yes
  • Parking: Street

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    Iron Teapot Dim Sum in Culver City was set up by owner Sally Chan and Chef Hoi Chan to be an elevated traditional Dim Sum restaurant that serves Dim Sum all day. Since last year, Sally has gathered a team of master dim sum chefs and cooks to craft elevated versions of classic dim sum. The dim sum is made with premium ingredients such as abalone, squid ink, truffle oil, and fish roe. In addition to Chef Hoi Chan's advising, the elevated dim sum is crafted by Chef Sun and his team, that has over 25 years of dim sum chef experience, with awards from Guang Zhou.

    Our Menu is based purely on the hand-crafted dim sum made of local ingredients that are cooked when ordered.

    Owner Sally Chan was once a vegan (but is now a full meat lover), she knows the need for vegan versions of Dim Sum. Thus, she wanted to utilize the team of experienced Dim Sum craftsmen to develop a larger selection of vegan options for the dim sum menu. Iron Teapot is aiming to make authentic Dim Sum hip and accessible to the West side of Los Angeles.

    Freshly steamed Dim Sum can be enjoyed for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner with premium tea, wine, craft beer, sake, quirky cocktails, and whiskey all day on Venice Blvd in a West-coast atmosphere.

    Iron Teapot Dim Sum aims to celebrate classic Cantonese tapas cuisine on the West Side of Los Angeles, where the menu will be proud of classic favorites like braised chicken feet, tripe, and drinks that combine favorite South East Asian fruits like the Rambutan and durian. The cocktails will also feature many highlights of being Chinese-American in the San Gabriel Valley: Mexican candy, classic loquat Syrup (Pei Pa Koa), and Vietnamese drink classics like Soda Xi Moui (salted pickled plum soda).
    Patrons will have Dim Sum with the 80s, 90s, and 2000s Hong Kong & China pop music - that will include the theme song from the classic (and corny) Legend of the Condor Heroes from the 80s.