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Kara Care

Los Angeles, CA 90049
P: 785-383-8408

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In-House Pet Care: Kara Care is an In-Home Pet Care service. It's your alternative to a boarding kennel. I come and stay in your home and care for your pet while you are away. Pets are creatures of habit; by staying in their own home they are able to follow their normal eating, medication, and excerise routines. Such familiarity contributes to the happiness and health of the pet. Not only do I care for your pet while you are away, I also watch after your home, pick up your mail and water the plants. Knowing your pets, (and home), are properly cared for and given the attention they need, will allow your vacation to be pet/stress free! Plus, I'm reachable at all times, so if you feel you need to check in, feel free to do so.