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Karen Mangini – The Bow Wow Method



  • Trainer: Karen Mangini
  • Specialty: Therapy Training, Obedience Training
  • Memberships: APDT; Association of Pet Dog Trainers

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Karen began her career by rescuing unruly dogs from shelters and eventually training them to become Therapy Dogs. Her next step was to assist in the evaluation process for the Delta Society in the training of Therapy Dogs.

Understanding dogs' behavior came easy to her. She instinctively knew what was needed for the dog to behave accordingly. After a successfully working with Therapy Dogs, she realized she had a gift. It was then clear to her what her life's purpose was to be.

Karen has profound insights for training any dogs' behavioral issue. She gets to the core of the problem, which is where true healing takes place.

Whatever behavioral problem your dog has, Karen will lovingly train the problems out of your dog as she teaches you the leadership skills you will need to be the pack-leader with a mother's touch in order to keep your dog well trained and happy with her amazing BowWOW! Method.