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Massimo’s Chef Made Dog Food
15136 Stagg St,
Van Nuys, CA 91405
P: 818-458-0032


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I remember the day we picked him up… like it was yesterday! The anticipation was almost unbearable, but then …there he was! This adorable, brown, little, vulnerable puppy. And as you can guess… it was love at first sight. MASSiMO was ours, a new addition to the family, and our bond to this beautiful little being was quickly firming its grip!

Like all new dog parents, we bought everything we needed to care for our little guy. There was the bed, the toys, the leashes, the bowls… and yes the DOG FOOD!

So like many new dog parents, we started with traditional dog food…the kibble. And you better believe we bought some of the best ones out there! I mean… I grew up with thinking dog food was kibble, like many of us did.

We thought we were good with our new dog food, but something definitely wasn’t right! MASSiMO was a growing puppy, and he was hungry, but our fancy kibble wasn’t living up to our or his expectations. MASSiMO’s gastro-intestinal system was not tolerating our fancy kibble. There was something going on here we couldn’t figure out. So off to the Vet we went!

After many tests and consultation with our Veterinarian …and a handful of others, we learned that MASSiMO had a gastrointestinal intolerance.. and our fancy kibble definitely wasn’t going to work for our growing puppy. We didn’t know what to do! And that’s where our journey began.

“So what now? …This puppy NEEDS to eat, so he can run, fetch, and play!”

To say the least, we were lost! …What do we feed him? We tried a few alternatives, but it didn’t take us too long to discover that FRESH dog food was what this dog needed. His digestive system knew how to handle it, his energy increased and we started to see the “light at the end of the tunnel”!

Enter the Chef…
So after changing MASSiMO to FRESH made dog food, the results were undeniable! FRESH dog food is where it’s at! Though we were definitely on the right path, we still weren’t quite there. The quality of FRESH made dog food wasn’t really out there. We needed to find a better alternative, but where??

Hmmmm??? …Wait… I got it! I’m a PROFESSIONAL CHEF! …and I cook whole, nutritious FRESH food for my customers everyday, so why not for my dog?! So I set out on a journey to truly understand the REAL NUTRITION that a dog needs, and make the best CHEF-MADE-DOG-FOOD available!

I needed the real facts! So I talked to …and badgered (well just a little… haha) countless holistic …and not so holistic veterinarians. I spoke with dog food companies, stores selling dog food, and every “Joe & Mary” I could, along with many hours reading …all to help me find the answers I needed.

Then using my new found knowledge, along with my 26 years of experience as a professional chef, and I got to cooking! And after a few trial recipes, I was on my way to becoming a true dog food professional. MASSiMO had his new, improved dog food and… MASSiMO’S CHEF MADE DOG FOOD was born!