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2925 W. Olympic Blvd.
Mid Wilshire, CA 90006
P: 213-985-3355

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  • Julie Cho
    Said on Nov 20, 2019 by Julie Cho Reply

    fucking assholes!!!!! DO NOT TAKE YOUR DOG HERE!!!!! I came in for a nail trim. Just a nail trim. NOTHING ELSE. It's mid-November. I keep the hair on the bottom of my dog's paws to protect him from the sun and the heat. Without asking they cut off all the hair that I've been growing out for months without asking. I am enraged. you couldn't ask me first????!!!!! There is a god damn reason why i keep his hair long. He was not unkempt and dirty. aassssshooollllleesssss!!!!! I trim him myself so assholes can't shave him in the winter. These assholes shaved all his fucking hair off on his feet for no fucking god damn reason. And now his feet are cold so he doesn't want to walk that much. I wish I could go and shave all your fucking hair off-- your head and your eyebrows!!!