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Queen Mary Hotel
1126 Queens Highway
Long Beach, CA 90802
P: (562) 435-3510

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We do allow guest pets.

1. A non-refundable cleaning fee of $75.00 is paid upon check-in. This is for basic cleaning of pet

hair and odor. Additional charges for damage may be imposed.

2. The pet may not exceed 25 pounds. No dangerous animals, animals perceived to be threatening,

wild animals or other unusual animals will be allowed. The hotel shall make the final

determination of whether a specific pet will be permitted in the hotel.

3. If the pet barks, makes other noises or is otherwise a cause of Guest complaints, then the hotel

reserves the right to require the Guest to remove the pet and a $250 fee will be added to the

Guest folio. Also pets cannot be left in the Guest rooms unattended at anytime during your stay.

The hotel, at its discretion, is not required to provide any warning or second chance for violation

of this policy. The decision of the hotel shall be final.

4. Chapter 6.16.100 of the City of Long Beach Municipal Code states that all dogs while not

confined within an enclosed space (i.e. inside a house, vehicle, or fenced yard) be secured by a

leash no more than eight feet long and held continuously in the hands of a responsible person

capable of controlling the dog