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Roxy’s Doggy Day Care & Boarding
611 S. Central Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90021
P: 213-239-0309

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We offer daycare, boarding, fun, and companionship for your best friends. AND, training!

We have been in this business for a few years with private customers many of them celebrities who wanted their dogs to have companionship as they worked on films.

Kathleen's animal care goes back much further than this. In addition to being dropped off by helicopters in forest fires to do equine(horse) rescue, she was also on one of the first planes to help Katrina victims find, care for, and reunite with their lost pets from the disaster.

Now, we are expanding, and going public with our new 2 room facility in the Arts District. There will be 'Katie's Lounge' for our lazy, laid back friends, and plenty of room to play for our active doggys.

Staying true to our roots, we have begun partnering with several rescue organizations and now board several of their dogs until they find foster homes, or are ultimately adopted. We even adopted a senior citizen dog ourself from the pound that was down to his last days without a lot of hope due to his age.

You will not find a better atmosphere for your doggy!