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Scrubby Puppy
1125 E 16th St, #3
Upland, CA 91784
P: (909) 608-1800

Event: Dog Teeth Cleaning in Upland


at 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Admission Fee: $TBD
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We are here because we love doggies – yours, ours, and all the rest – and we believe we provide a great place to wash your dog or have your dog groomed. Scrubby Puppy is a place where people who absolutely love dogs help you take better care of yours!

Our services include:

*Self Wash – save your back and knees with raised tubs!– by appointment.

*Full Service Grooming – just like a hair salon for humans, no cages or kennels! — by appointment.

*Toe Nail trimming and/or external Anal Gland expression — by appointment.

*Retail – Cookies & Treats, CBD products, Salmon Oil, Specialty Shampoos and more …

*Vet-supervised, anesthesia-free teeth cleaning by Qualified Pet Dental