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St. Gregory’s Episcopal Church
6201 E Willow St
Long Beach, CA 90815
P: (562) 420-1311

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October 4th is the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi. Because of St. Francis’ love of animals, it is customary to bless the animals that are near and dear to our hearts on or around this date. On Saturday, October 2nd at 11:00 AM, St. Gregory’s Episcopal Church we will continue this annual tradition. The brief service will include several prayers attributed to St. Francis followed by individual blessings of all animals present. The service will be held outdoors in our courtyard. Even though outdoors, we do ask that all human guests wear masks.

For the comfort and safety of all concerned, human and non-human guests alike, we do ask that a few ground rules be honored. Please restrain all animals. They should be on leashes (if appropriate) or in carriers. And please clean-up any messes your pet makes.

If you are not able to, or are uncomfortable bringing your pet, or if your pet is uncomfortable coming out, you can bring a picture of your pet or one of your pet’s favorite toys, which we will bless instead.

St. Gregory’s is located at 6201 E. Willow St., Long Beach (between Woodruff and Palo Verde avenues). For more information, call (562) 420-1311 or email rector@stgregoryschurch.com.