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Storybook Dog Training
7720 Gloria Ave
Los Angeles, CA 91406
P: 818-643-1717
Monday: 10:30a - 8:30p
Tuesday: 10:30a - 8:30p
Wednesday: 10:30a - 8:30p
Thursday: 10:30a - 8:30p
Friday: 10:30a - 8:30p
Saturday: 10:00a - 5:00p
Sunday: 10:00a - 5:00p

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We believe that well trained dogs live happier lives, and that owners who understand how dogs learn, communicate, and thrive, are happier owners. With Positive Reinforcement Training Techniques, we can train our dogs to do just about anything! We do not have to yell, dominate, or hurt our dogs, to teach them obedience, tricks, leash walking, and agility. We can  lessen or dissolve fear aggression, improve dogs' confidence levels, and redirect reactivity, all with Positive Reinforcement. These methods restore peace to your home while bringing families and dogs together in a way that they did not previously think possible. Our goal is to help people unlock their dogs' potential and fully realize the joy of dog ownership. We are committed to helping owners and dogs live happily ever after! Contact us today and find your Storybook Ending!

Group Classes and Private Training: 
-Enrichment (Tricks, Agility and More)
-Puppy Class
-Puppy Socialization, Puppy Proofing, New Owner Class
- Leash Walking
-Reactive Behavior, Counter Conditioning for the Shy/Fearful Dog
-Crate Training, Potty Training 

We just completed a four week basic obedience session with Debbie. She was great with Peanut. Very patient with our little guy and she answered all of our questions with great care. Had a great time. Yay! We will definitely look to attend other training classes with Storybook and gladly recommend Storybook to anyone who is looking for dog training classes.        -Elsa, North Hills
What a great dog trainer! I found this company through postings on Facebook by pet orphans of southern ca. Storybook offers classes at that wonderful organization.
We have a very skittish rescue terrier and her bossy rescue terrier sister. They both came to us with issues from their former homes. Neither one was ever trained. We tried classes with them, but some serious behavior issues remained. In just three lessons so far, Debbie has improved their focus. Both sit on command and follow instructions more closely on walks. Debbie is patient, kind, knowledgable, and very professional. We recommend her highly!         - Susan, Studio City