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Yo Dawg Groom Spot
1844 14th Street
Santa Monica, CA 90404
P: 310-450-2090


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  • Seamus' DadActive 5 days, 5 hours ago
    Said on Sep 29, 2014 by Seamus' Dad

    Having a beagle-basset mix requires minimal grooming which is a nice benefit, however, I still like to have my boy cleaned up every month or so. We met Jane while we were out at OSH Hardware and struck up a conversation and she invited us to pay her a visit at Yo Dawg. We had been going to another great local groomer that is very popular, but thought we would give something new a try. The experience from the very beginning was a pleasure, from the plentiful parking to the personal service. Jane met us inside and was very personable and expalined to me all the things that they would be doing during the "grooming process". A little bit of paperwork and Seamus was on his way in. I was advised that it would be approximately 90 minutes and they would call me 15 minutes before he was ready. This was great news since the other place we had been going to quotes me 4 hours and calls me when he is done. I imagine my boy stuck in some cage while he waits for me to come get him, and c'mon 4 hours...really? Were they using a toothbrush to wash my dog?
    They are located next to Got Pet Food, which is a great pet store full of unique treats and foods for your furry friend that you can easily go and visit before, during or after your pooch's fine tuning as they are dog friendly of course.
    Seamus turned out nice and clean and surprisingly happy and at ease with his bubble bath and primping. The personalized service reassured me that real customer service still exists and Jane is very sincere and genuine, something else that was lacking with the staff at my previous groomer. Granted, it was really just a bath and fine tuning so I am not sure how they do with their actual grooming, but if my experience was even the slightest reflection of their handiwork I am confident that they do a great job. We are looking forward to our next vist to see Jane.

We are a premier grooming salon for all breeds of dogs and cats. We specialize in skin and coat problems and work closely with numerous area veterinarians.

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