April 21, 2022
Top Dog-Friendly Activities in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the best cities for dog owners due to its many dog-friendly businesses and activities. Here on Dog Sniffer you can find most current events and activities to bring your pup along with you. Whether you are looking for a cool hiking spot, a packed dog-friendly beach or simply a night out with other dog-lovers, LA has it all.

For a warm outdoor hike with your pooch, you can track along Runyon Canyon; Or if you are looking for a relaxing day at the beach, you can visit the infamous Rosie's Dog Beach. Or you can enjoy a night out at the many canine-friendly bars and restaurants that Los Angeles has to offer. Simply browse through our top rated venues for an endless list of activities and events for you and your K9 friend.

Dog-Friendly Things to do in LA

The warm and sunny weather in LA makes it great for all-things outdoors. From hiking, running and frisbee along the beach, you have tons of options. Here are some of our favorite picks for outdoor activities with your dog.

Rosie’s Dog Beach

Located right along Long Beach, Rosie’s is one of the best beaches for you to bring your pup for some sand and splash. Unlike most beaches in LA, Rosie’s Dog beach allows you to bring your dog off-the-leash so it can run around in the sand, play in the water and meet other dogs too.

Go Paddle Boarding or Kayaking with your Pup

Another exciting thing to try with your dog is Stand-Up Paddle Surfing in Marina Del Rey. Simply head down to the “Pro Sup Shop” along Mothers Beach and you can choose from a variety of kayaks and paddle boards, which you can then let your pup ride with you. As It turns out, dogs LOVE surfing the water on boards and kayaks, so maybe yours will too!

Runyon Canyon

Open from sunrise to sunset, Runyon Canyon is the favorite for many dog-lovers who want to spend some quality outdoor time with their pooch. This place is almost always packed on weekends, regardless of the weather. You can take your dog off-leash up the many paths and work those legs. One of the best places to get some good exercise for both you and your dog.

Solstice Canyon

Do you want to show your dog a spectacular waterfall right here in the LA area? Swing down to Solstice Canyon right here in Malibu, where you can witness one of the only all-year-round waterfalls in California. There are easy and difficult paths you can choose, ranging from a few miles to up to 6 miles depending on the workout you want for you and your pooch.

Alice Frost Kennedy Dog Park

If you are in the Pasadena area, definitely check out the Kennedy Dog Park. The huge lawn gives a lot of space for dogs to play and frolic. There are sections for both small and large dogs, which are full of mutts by the end of the day - so definitely come early for easier parking.

These are just some of our top picks, but there are many more things you can do with your K9. For more great locations to check out, view our Dog Friendly Activities page.

Dog-Friendly Events in Los Angeles

LA has a constant influx of dog events for you to check out. The types of events include Farmers and flea markets, weekly night markets, dog painting and art activities, and also general dog training schedules.

At Dogsniffer.com, we maintain an up-to-date events calendar for Los Angeles dog-friendly events, so be sure to check it out for the upcoming activities you and your dog can enjoy.
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