November 22, 2021
12 Interesting Facts In Adopting a Senior Dog

Aging is a normal part of a dogs life. Similar to people, dogs get to that stage of their lives where they feel slow and their ability to grasp change decreases. There will be subtle changes with their behaviors and physicality. Even so, these shall not hinder you in having an older dog around for they make life better and worthwhile!
It would be delightful to have a leisure walk through the neighborhood with your senior pet, or read books while their heads are on your lap or even just passing the time at your own home. They can be gentle, calm, sweet, loving and much more! Dogs are full of surprises regardless of their age!
If you are planning for an adoption, there are plenty of reasons you should know before having one. Senior pets are usually well-trained and they already have pleasant dispositions. They can be clingy and demand extra help especially with regards to their health. However, by maintaining their well-being, they will be able to enjoy different facets of life with you!

Here are 12 interesting facts you should know about adopting an aging dog:

1. Senior dogs are great puppy teachers!

“With age comes wisdom”, we all heard of it and this is true not just for people but also to animals especially to dogs who are very keen in adapting new behaviors from a new environment. Dogs naturally mimic the behaviors of another dog. It is then instinctive for the pups to follow what the older dog is doing. It is the same with how older siblings teach their younger sibs. This behavior is known as allelomimetic behavior. This means that when you bring a puppy and a senior dog is home, you will only spend less time training your pup!

2. They are last to be adopted in shelters.

Most of us love to have puppies around! However, let’s also give into consideration adopting an older dog. Senior dogs are less likely to be rescued from the shelters. They are last to be chosen. Many senior dogs are once owned and loved by a family but for no reason, end up in shelters. They are as smart, loving and fun as these little puppies and they would love to prove it!

3. To already be aware of the dog’s health.

Knowing the best care of your dog by knowing their health and condition. Aging dogs may display symptoms of ailments such as cognitive problems (dementia and memory loss), arthritis, cancer, kidney failure, liver and dental disease. It is best to to check on their wellness regularly so they could still enjoy their remaining golden years!

4. They still learn new tricks!

Just like adorable pups, older dogs also learn new tricks! It is easier to train them than puppies since they are calmer and wisdom comes with age! Their ability to concentrate to learn will help you have lesser times to redo all training routines! Give enough patience when teaching them and you will be amazed how fast-learner they are! It is never too late to teach dogs regardless of their age!

5. Senior dog’s exercise and diet.

Dogs of all age can be obese. However, senior dogs are more likely to be overweight than the younger canines. Older dogs become obese due to the decrease of their activity level and shift of their general caloric needs. It is similar to humans where our metabolism slow down as we age. Keep your older bud active to prevent having joint and bone problems. In addition, know their eating habit and lifestyle to keep them energetic and healthy!

6. Dog aging affects memory.

Dogs, just like humans, are susceptible in developing illnesses such as memory loss or dementia. Any behavioral changes of your beloved canine might indicate that they are experiencing a cognitive decline. Symptoms may include anxiety, stress, disorientation, irritability, and a decreased desire to play with toys or with their hoomans. Senior dog owners should provide them supplements, anti-oxidants, a good quality food, and avoid over-vaccination in order for them to prevent in developing dementia. If the symptoms worsen, owners should bring their concerns to a veterinarian.

7. Senior dogs are stress reliever!

Similar to having a puppy, senior dogs are stress reliever too! With their calm temperament, you will feel at ease. Adult dogs are best suited for college student’s lifestyle! They can be of great companions especially if you are so far away from home!

8. Senior dogs may require extra grooming.

Grooming is unquestionably vital for dogs of all age but can be especially for geriatric dogs! It is through grooming that you recognize the health issues that they are facing. It is revealed through their skin and coat! It is therefore, important to make your senior dogs look and feel at its best by maintaining their grooming routines!

9. Senior dogs are more anxious.

In general, dogs become anxious when they age. This dog aging process affects behavior and emotions. This is also their way of being vocal about things that may scare or stress them out such as strangers and noises. Anxiety may also develop due to fear, confusion and an issue called cognitive dysfunction. Offer companionship and cuddles to your old soldier for them to be relieved and calmer!

10. Senior dogs are ideal for kids and elderly.

The calm behavior of geriatric dogs make them ideal for kids and elderly. Having an older dog at home can be less destructive and less fuss. Older dogs are way more serene and untroubled than the younger pups since they are already out from puppyhood. Their temperaments are well established which best suits to kid’s and elderly’s personalities.

11. They are extra clingy!

Senior dogs can be extra clingy for a variety of reasons. This may include separation anxiety, boredom, or due to ailments that your old bud is having such as hearing and vision loss. Them being clingy can be an indication that they are having an underlying condition and one must pay attention to, for it can be something serious. Giving them attention, time, love and taking good care of their well-being will help them enjoy life as they age.

12. They are grateful for a hero, that's you!

Senior dogs will give you an overflowing gratitude if you adopt them. You are not only giving their life more valuable but you’re saving their life! There may only few good years left for you to live with them but it is rewarding to see love and beauty with these older dogs, for you to give them the chance to live life with dignity and love!

Love matters no age! Senior dogs also deserve your warm and loving home! Don’t be reluctant in adopting an adult dog. There may only be few years left to live nevertheless, it will be surely golden if you only give them unconditional love and care as they do to you!

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