November 29, 2021
Dogs for Active People

As cliché as it may sound, dogs are man’s best friends. No matter the type of person you are, you are bound to find a dog breed that suits your needs. Introverts may love the company of Shiba Inus and Pugs while outgoing individuals in need of friendly furry companions can go for Shih Tzus and Golden Retrievers.
If you lead an active lifestyle, there are dog breeds for you, as well. Check out some of the most active dogs to keep up with your energy.


Beagles are curious by nature, which means that they are always up and about, exploring their surroundings, especially when outdoors. These dogs are categorized by the American Kennel Club as hound dogs, which means that they were historically used as a hunting companion, thanks to their ability to follow a scent and their stamina. Combined, these traits make them an energetic type of dog.
These canines are great for families because they are moderately affectionate, playful, and adaptable, as well as very good with children and other dogs. They are also low-maintenance because they do not need to be groomed too frequently.
However, if you are looking for a watchdog, then beagles are not for you. They are moderately open to strangers and are not as vigilant as others. Still, they can be pretty vocal.


Despite belonging to the non-sporting group, Dalmatians are some of the most outgoing and smart breeds that are popular in the United States. They are natural watchdogs, making them great for individuals or families looking for a pet that can help protect them against any possible threats.
Their vigilant nature can be related to their fairly high energy level. They are best companions for walks and jogs, as well as some activities like treasure hunts and other games.
What you need to watch out for is their shedding, because they can shed a lot even though they have a short and smooth coat. The good news is they drool less than other breeds and do not need that much grooming.

Australian Shepherds

Australian Shepherds are herding dogs, which are natural leaders. They tend to lead other dogs, even small children, and they are smart enough for to solve simple problems. In fact, they need mental stimulation and exercise, so they are always off finding a job to do.
This is why they make such great companions for active people. You can take them on hikes or play a game of treasure hunt with them. They are easy to train and work well with changes, so you will be glad to have them around if you tend to move homes.
They are pretty good watchdogs and may bark when they feel the need to alert you. However, their natural leader instinct and curiosity can be a problem as they tend to wander.

Border Collies

Border Collies are a great choice for individuals that are always on the move. These highly versatile pooches are known to be extremely playful and energetic. Because of this, they need a lot of space to play around in. They also need to be taken to adventures like hiking and other outdoor activities.
Another member of the herding group, so they have the instinct to command other animals and even their owners, albeit in a more friendly and gentle manner. This ability is innate to them, which means that they often need activities that stimulate their brains like games or jobs.
Those looking for a dog that can fit well in a family will be glad to have border collies as a member. They are fairly great for children and other dogs. Plus, they are highly adaptable and trainable.

Labrador Retrievers

Labrador Retrievers are one of the most popular breeds because of their highly social, friendly, and energetic nature. They are known as loyal and loving, which makes them a preferred family pet. In fact, they are so social that they are not only a gentle companion for kids, but also other dogs. They are even welcoming to strangers.
As sporting dogs, their high level of playfulness and energy requires them ad their owner to always be active. They need a backyard or a similar space to roam and explore, especially as they love jumping around.
One thing you should remember about these pooches is while they are gentle and loving to children, their tendency to jump and pounce can be worrisome if they are with toddlers.

Siberian Huskies

Another member of the working group, Siberian Huskies are some of the most alert and outgoing breeds out there. They are glad to assist humans in doing their jobs and they are good at it. Their alertness, strength, and alertness, make them very good workmates.
Because of this, you can expect that they need a lot of exercise and mental stimulation. They are highly energetic, so they are bound to keep up with your active lifestyle. In fact, they can be so energetic that they are known to break out of their enclosures if you do not spend their energy.
They do not make good watchdogs because they tend to be welcoming. Barking is not their strongest suit, but they are popular for howling.

Russel Terriers

As a member of a terrier group, Russel Terriers are definitely energetic with a hint of feisty. They are pretty spirited and strong-willed, so they tend to value their independence. Unfortunately, this makes them a bit difficult to train.
However, if you are looking for a pet to go on adventures with you, these canines are your best bet. They may be small, but they have lots and lots of energy. Just be careful about bringing them close to other dogs as they are wary and may show signs of aggression.

The Bottom Line

Finding a dog that suits your active lifestyle is never a problem, as some of the most popular breeds are energetic and playful by nature. With such a lifestyle, you and your dog are bound to bond through various stimulating activities.

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