October 20, 2021
How to Raise a Puppy

It was in the late 1500s that the word puppy first appeared. Such a word is uncertain to have derived from the French word “poupée” which means “doll or toy” (see meaning puppet). These lovely creatures are called “puppies” for they are petted the same way that children play with their dolls and toys.

Raising a puppy is similar to raising your own baby! It is full of excitement and responsibility! There are a lot of things that you need to consider before having one. It takes plenty of time and thinking before deciding to take a puppy home. Decision-making about puppy-raising should be open to all members of the family, for the obligation associated with having a puppy takes a lot of responsibility and that one possibly can’t take alone. Regular routines may change when this little furry friend arrives! And here’s the thing: it is without a doubt that raising a puppy is tough. Nevertheless, who wouldn’t want to have this little bundle of joy?

Here are the things you need to consider when raising a puppy:

Puppy Home and Surroundings

Besides preparing yourself for a new adventure, you should also get your home ready for a new furry friend! You have to give up a small area of your house to create a temporary gated space for your puppy. Ideally, this baby gate helps your canine to get out of trouble especially when you are engaged with other things.This will help you maintain an organized space for them for they act mischievously at an early age and they can be naughty for as long as they want to! Create an area designated for playing and is puppy-proof! Keep your puppy away from possible dangers such as high stairs, electric wires, electric plugs, outlets and other things that are too hazardous for them. As the puppy grows older, extra space is needed!

Commitment and Responsibility when Raising a Dog

Truthfully, taking care of a puppy is quite challenging! It entails huge commitment and responsibility when you decide to add-on a furry family member. You have to recognize the commitment you are making to having a puppy. You and your family should have an honest assessment of whether or not you are physically, financially and emotionally ready to raise a puppy! Responsibility and commitment are always attached together with this adorable creature!

Time when Raising a Puppy

A puppy demands extra time! Generally, a puppy requires 2-3 hours of time scattered during day and night! Training your puppy is the most time consuming. Moreover, your little pooch needs constant attention so he will steadily learn how to trust and love you!

Cost of Raising Puppies

Realistically, owning a puppy can be expensive depending on which breed you are taking, since different breeds have different needs. It is vital to include your puppy into your daily or monthly budget for there are plenty of expenses that you can’t think of, at first. Your puppy’s needs change overtime and this greatly affects which things you should get and give to your canine. Nonetheless, if you want to keep your canine happy and healthy throughout its lifetime, you won’t mind the extra costs!
How to Raise a Puppy

Dog Raising Essentials

Just like preparing for the arrival of a new baby, deciding to get a pup also requires preparation and buying of necessities. These essentials are needed for their own safety and health.

Puppy Checklist:

Dog Bowls
Food and water bowls are definitely must-haves! This will hinder your puppy from cluttering at home when drinking or eating meals. Choosing the right bowl should be considered since this will affect your puppy’s posture and well-being.
Dog Collar
Choose the right collar for your puppy. Make sure it suits your puppy’s breed, size and age. It grows quickly and so you need to check the fit and condition around the neck if its loose or not, otherwise, you need to change and buy a new one!
Dog Leash
A leash is also vital for your puppy’s safety especially when you want to go around and explore! Leash training is essential for your puppy so he can get used to it, particularly when in a crowd. We want to give them the freedom they need for playing and running. However, taking them off the leash can expose them to possible dangers and might as well disturb other people in the community.
Dog Toys
Puppies can be champions in chewing and biting off almost everything they see at home! Dog toys can prevent that from happening. Toys also provide mental and physical stimulation to puppies. It prevents them from having separation anxiety when their humans are not around, as well as improves your pup’s dental health!
Dog Clothing
Dog clothing is becoming more common these days. Although this is not as essential as the others, these can still be beneficial to your pup! Styling up your puppy does not only give him sense of warmth and comfort but it can also reduce the amount of dirt that his fur and body accumulates!
Dog Grooming
Grooming equipment plays a vital role to your puppy’s health. This should include a bathing station, dog shampoo, brushes and combs, nail trimmers, and grooming shears. Grooming ensures that your puppy’s skin breathes. It prevents hotspots and skin irritations too!

How to Raise a Puppy

Puppy Training

Every dog owner dreams of having a very well-behaved pup. Invest time for puppy training for this will help you build up a line of communication with your puppy! Puppy’s attention span is short and so training must only take awhile but must be done daily. Incorporate some rewards like treats or toys so the puppy will be prompted to do the desired commands! Puppy training includes potty training, crate training and socialization. It is essential for your puppy to have his daily routine as when and how he needs to do his thing. The necessary social behaviors should also be taught as this is effective especially when your puppy encounters other humans and
puppies around!

Puppy Health and Nutrition

Every puppy owner wants their canines to grow strong and healthy. Health and nutrition should be considered. Similar to human babies, puppies need similar attention! Food, vitamins and regular check ups should be provided to keep your pup’s well-being!

Dog Food and Vitamins

High quality foods and vitamins are very crucial for your puppy’s health. Your chosen Vet should provide you with recommendations on which food and vitamins your puppy should eat and take. Puppy food and vitamins provide the nutrients he needs to grow healthier!

Regular Puppy Health Check-ups

Puppyhood is a very hard and crucial stage. Regular check-ups with the vet is definitely a must! Vaccinations and deworming will be recommended by your vet depending on the breed, size and age of your puppy. These vaccinations provide the ability to build up your puppy’s immune system against common pet ailments. Parvo, leptospirosis, hepatitis, and parainfluenza can be avoided with vaccinations. Anti-rabies vaccine is also needed. Deworming is as essential as the vaccines! Parasites grow inside and this may cause chronic gastrointestinal problems. Regular deworming, therefore, is essential to your puppy’s health!


Raising a puppy is indeed never easy! However, it brings a very rewarding feeling when you get to have a strong bond with your pup! It demands plenty of time, patience and effort for your puppy to grow into a fun, loving and responsible four-legged friend but it will surely be worthwhile!

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