Dog Pound:Hair of the Dog


at 9:00 pm to 2:00 am

Admission Fee: $6


The Bullet Bar

10522 Burbank Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 91601
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Calling all human pups! put on your summer shorts and tan kinis because it’s the dog days of summer, and Ashtray has a challenge fur the pups! This is the ‘Hair of the Dog Contest!’ Every pup has fur, so it’s time to funk up that do! Get together, get your hair did in some funky way! Wear a wig, cut it up! Dye it and strut through the door with the best hair, the goofiest hair, the most shocking hair, no hair, or the worst hair!

These are just a few of the categories we are going to award with prizes! I’m not talking about a comb, i mean really cool prizes!

Summer time is hot, but show us you can be hotter. Every dog has their greatest hair day.

So this Sept 2, after you get your hairs all pretty head to the Bullet for some much needed mosh time with other human pups and handlers! And become heir to the hairdo throne! Anyone can win!

This event is also the first live event to meet the producers of LA Pup, former contestants and winners and we will have a place to ask questions about the contest and turn in applications. Applications are available online starting Aug 1.

Fur Realz?


This text will be updated before the event to include additional info and sponsors. See ya then!