Training with Kate


at 11:15 am to 12:15 pm



Moorpark Park

12061 Moorpark St, Studio City, CA 91604
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Your foster dog –  on a well fitted collar or harness, and leash
A baggie, or pouch, of yummy, high value treats (chopped up hotdog, bits of chicken, Zukes training treats) cut or breakable into a small enough piece for the size of your dog )
Some water and a little bowl
A towel, bed or mat for cool down
A chew, toy or other item your foster dog can happily enjoy while relaxing

This one hour class will focus on basic training skills such as leash walking, look at me, sit, down, stay, and come, as well as address any specific challenges you might be experiencing or have questions about.

Each class will focus on a different skill, but the on-going class will revisit each skill regularly. It doesn’t matter in what “order” you take the class.  Each class will include 2 short breaks, and a cool down where you will work on body desensitization to help your foster dog remain calm when being handled by groomers, vets and other invasive technicians.