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Eco Dog Wash & Daycare
5751 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90019
P: +1 323-939-0945


  • Last Wash: 1 Hour Before Close

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A neighborhood business for dog lovers who want CLEAN & GREEN pups. Self-wash and full grooming options with natural products. For those who also want their best friends to be SAFE & SOUND. Daycare & boarding with separate areas for little & big(ger) dogs.

Committed to being eco-smart & eco-friendly. Balancing ecological priorities with real-world economic ones for customers. Self-wash pricing starts at $14 for small dogs ($18 for bigger ones). Wash/groom products are safe for people-pets-planet. "Green" products are used, wherever feasible, in every facet of the business.
Active supporters of local rescues and charities