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Fox Companion Care
PO Box 691801
West Hollywood, CA 90069
P: 310-854-5933


  • Veterinarian: Dr. Nick Fox
  • Acupuncture: Yes
  • Vaccinations: Yes
  • Health Certificates (Travel): Yes
  • Microchipping: Yes
  • Euthanasia: Yes
  • Hospice: Yes

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Fox Companion Care provides compassionate, caring and convenient veterinary services in your own home. Avoid the stressful car-ride, the busy waiting room, and the interruption of your schedule by having the veterinarian come to you.

Here are a few of our services that we provide:

Physical examinations
Blood work
Preventative care
Health Certificates
Microchip Implantation
Acupuncture ** Packages available at discounted rate**
Making end of life decisions can be one of the hardest times for you and your loved one, but at-home euthanasia can be a great gift for your pet in their time of need.