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The Dog Walker
833 15th Street, #3
Santa Monica, CA 90404
P: 310-383-3000

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We do our best to tailor our walks to suit your dog's needs!

The Dog Walker specializes in Mountain Hike Adventures in the Santa Monica Mountains for those dogs who love, enjoy and need plenty of exercise!

We also have more casual neighborhood walks for those dogs who just cannot keep up with the pace of the younger dogs.

For playful dogs that could not care less about a walk in the wilds or a casual stroll, we offer High Energy Play and Exercise, running with and chasing other dogs, fetching balls, tug o war with ropes, toys and sticks etc.

Most of all, we strive to give your dog an enjoyable well balanced exercise, play and socialization routine to match their individual needs.

We will pick up your dog in our fully air conditioned "The Dog Walker" vans and take them for at least an hour of solid play, walking or hiking. They should be back home within two and a half hours or so.

We will come to your house at your convenience for a FREE / NO OBLIGATION in home interview to meet and get acquainted with your dog (and you of course). We can then work out a schedule that suits you and your doggies’ needs.

We will always do our best to cover your doggies’ hikes in the unlikely event that their walker takes ill or takes a vacation or an emergency leave of absence. We will always do our best to put your dog with another Mountain Group or if need be on a local neighborhood walk.