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Wags and Walks
2236 Federal Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90064
P: 310-

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Wags and Walks is a community of dog lovers working to promote shelter dogs as the best dogs in the world through advocacy of our unique family-friendly foster and adoption programs.

We rely on our community of volunteers to help us save as many dogs in need as we can. This is done through many different channels, and we are always looking to expand our network!

During this oreintation, we will cover the following areas:

Foster Program
Wags Club Dog Walking
Adoption/Community Events
Marketing/Digital/Website Help
Legal/Grant Writing

Please note that Wags Club Dog Walking will take place in the second portion of orientation as this will go into the proper safety and care of the dogs that are on site. If you are not interested in Wags Club, you will be able to leave before this portion begins.

This orientation is your first step in volunteering at Wags and Walks and making a difference in the lives of rescue dogs, and have fun while you're at it!

Volunteers must be over the age of 18.


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