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Westside Pet Sitters
3626 Clarington Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90034
P: 310-200-8598

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Your pet’s well being is vital. You’re responsible for their health, happiness and daily needs. Whether you’re leaving for work, a business trip or vacation you feel that tug at your heart -- you feel guilty knowing you have to leave your beloved pets for a while. You worry that the person whose care you leave them in is not going to give them the TLC they deserve; after all, they are a member of your family.

Your pets are our top priority. Westside Pet Sitters will ensure the care of your pets while you’re away. Every pet is treated as an individual and receives attention based on its own unique personality. We’re reliable, prompt and compassionate and take pet care seriously. We’ve been in your shoes and empathize. Don’t stress! Your pets will receive the attention and love they are used to having. Let’s get started. Contact Westside Pet Sitters today and know that your pets are in good hands.