December 20, 2022
Top 21 Best Christmas Movies with Dogs to Binge-Watch

Looking for Christmas movies to binge-watch this holiday? We’ve got the list that will bring your yuletide and dog-loving hearts warmth and cheer. So grab your fur baby, a warm blanket, popcorn, and dog treats. Get ready for the top 21 best Christmas movies with dogs to binge-watch.

Top 21 Best Christmas Movies with Dogs to Binge-Watch

1. How The Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)

This beloved Christmas movie never gets old. You must have read this quote before: "Even the Grinch had a dog. If you don't love dogs, you should do some soul-searching." Yes, even the hateful vindictive Grinch who wants to stop Christmas from happening loved his loyal dog, Max. You and the kids in your family will love the lesson in How The Grinch Stole Christmas, and everyone will swoon at the cuteness of Max.

2. A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965)

Snoopy is on the top list of the most famous fictional dog characters. In A Charlie Brown Christmas, his owner Charlie Brown strives to find a deeper meaning in Christmas beyond the twinkling Christmas lights and the Christmas shopping rush. A heartwarming movie everyone will love.

3. A Dog Named Christmas (2009)

It’s magical to see that it took a developmentally challenged teenager with a genuine love for animals to persuade his family and community to open their homes to shelter dogs. This a beautiful reminder to extend kindness and charity to the animals around the holiday and beyond. The movie A Dog Named Christmas will tug at the heartstrings. Yep, get your tissues ready. But don’t worry, it’s going to be a good cry.

4. Beethoven's Christmas Adventure (2011)

A dog saving the holiday? Well, don’t they always? Everybody’s favorite St. Bernard dog Beethoven is out to save one of Santa’s elves and the bag of magical toys he lost during a crash. Funny, silly, imaginative. That's what it's like living with dogs. And that’s what Beethoven's Christmas Adventure will give you.

5. The Christmas Shepherd (2014)

Every dog parent's nightmare is their dog running away. Well, The Christmas Shepherd has this element, but it's a happy ending for Buddy's fur mom Sally and the guy who found him. A romantic Christmas movie with a dog? Yes, please. You'll smile, swoon, and root not only for Buddy but also for the lovers he accidentally united.

6. A Golden Christmas (2010)

Christmas is about reunions and coming home for most people. So it's no surprise that a movie about reuniting with a childhood sweetheart around Christmastime is on our list. It's heart-melting to watch a lost love found again, especially when the matchmakers are cute Golden Retrievers.

7. The 12 Dogs of Christmas (2005)

Can you imagine a place where dogs are not allowed? Well, imagine no more. In The 12 Dogs of Christmas, 12-year-old Emma O'Connor struggles to change the “No Dogs Allowed” law in her aunt’s small town. A beautiful story of standing for what is right and finding your voice, no matter how small you think it is.

8. The Search for Santa Paws (2010)

Santa’s loyal canine Paws and a brave orphan revive the Christmas spirit. It all got a little crazy at the beginning when Santa Claus lost his memory in New York, but all's well in the end. Because with a loving dog and the holiday spirit, everything always is.

9. Christmas with Tucker (2013)

It's no surprise that a cute dog, Tucker, would bring a grieving and struggling family out of sadness. Christmas with Tucker may be a tearjerker, but it's also a story of hope, friendship, and how it's never too late to turn your life around.

10. A Very Corgi Christmas (2019)

Puppies really do make people come together, don’t they? In A Very Corgi Christmas, this happens when single dad Ben asks the help of a single mom, Lauren, to help take care of his daughter's Christmas gift… an adorable corgi. Christmas and dogs really have that enchanting effect on us. They make us pause, appreciate what we have, and see what matters most.

11. A Belle for Christmas (2014)

There is no doubt that a dog is a precious family member. So this family ventures on a rescue mission after their dad's girlfriend steals their dog. A Belle for Christmas is a beautiful story of friendship and love that goes beyond blood.

12. Puppy For Christmas (2017)

Underneath the touching holiday love story and deep human-dog friendship, Puppy For Christmas is an excellent reminder that dogs aren't just gifts for a holiday. They're a lifetime commitment. And Noelle decided to choose her pup over sticking with her boyfriend. If your partner doesn't have a place for dogs in their hearts, that's a glaring red flag. So pack your bag and leave!

13. Nine Dog Christmas: The Movie (2004)

What happens when Santa's faithful reindeer are down with the flu? Who's going to help deliver the presents in time for Christmas? Well, how about nine stray dogs? An unconventional band of sleigh drivers will bring a smile to your face and joy to your canine-loving heart.

14. My Dog's Christmas Miracle (Cinnamon) (2011)

Can a little furball of chaos really change a person's life? Yes! Small dog owners would understand. But, unlike the love stories where dogs are the matchmakers, My Dog's Christmas Miracle takes a different spin when Cinnamon the dog tries to sabotage Madeline, her human's budding relationship with architect Kevin. But, even with their mischief, dogs are still precious, aren't they?

15. Balto (1995)

This movie didn't happen during Christmas, but it's set in Alaska, giving you all that Christmas feels. From an overlooked dog to a beloved lifesaver, Balto risks his life to bring medicine to his epidemic-stricken remote town with his friends. Balto takes the phrase hero dog to a different level. It will leave you gasping, on edge, cheering, and most probably hugging your dog a little closer while watching this delightful movie.

16. An All Dogs Christmas Carol (1998)

Based on the beloved Charles Dickens novel A Christmas Carol, An All Dogs Christmas Carol is an enchanting Christmas movie not to miss. Watch these heroic dogs save Christmas from evil canines Carface and Killer and raise funds to help injured little Timmy. This classic tale retold by adorable dogs is a hit among families and dog lovers, with catchy music to sing along to. It will get your Christmas spirit high and say, "God bless us, everyone," while cuddling your dog.

17. Little Spirit: Christmas in New York (2009)

A magical quest of the boy named Leo to find his lost dog Ramona in the big old city of New York led to finding a diverse group of friends and a home in a strange place. The cute creature who helped Leo is also charming and lovable. You'll find yourself wanting to have a friend like Little Spirit.

18. A Doggone Christmas (2016)

What happens when a sassy telepathic dog escapes the CIA and ends up in a loving home? A whole lot of adventure! A bunch of kids will do everything to protect their newfound furry friend from the evil clutches of the government and will get you cheering for them. A Doggone Christmas is not your typical Christmas movie, but it’s still entertaining and fun.

19. Up On The Wooftop (2015)

Toby, the star of the movie Up On The Wooftop, proves that you can still dream big regardless of your size. When he sneaked into Santa's sleigh and accidentally fell, Toby got into a house in Iowa and met a family who helped him return to the North Pole. Watching this movie will help you remember not to discount the small things you do because you matter. Your impact is huge if your action comes from a big heart.

20. One Christmas Eve (2017)

Things don't always go as planned, but they work out for the best. That's what Anne Heche learned when preparing to give his kids a wonderful Christmas despite having just recently divorced. One Christmas Eve may be a series of unfortunate events after another, but in the end, the spirit of Christmas and the magic that dogs bring is felt. Regardless of your situation, you can still make it the best Christmas ever when you have your family and a dog.

21. Chilly Christmas (2012)

Christmas. Dog. Beach. Three beautiful things come together in Chilly Christmas. But that's not all. There's an adventure as Bobby trains his pup Chilly to be a house dog so they don't leave him behind when they move. And all the tricks Chilly learned came in handy when dognappers tried to nab him from his family. A beautiful and fun story showcasing the pure bond a dog and his human share and how a dog will do everything to protect his family.

Final Words

While sipping hot chocolate with marshmallows, wearing your matching Christmas sweater and socks with your pup, enjoy these fantastic Christmas movies with dogs this holiday.

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