January 23, 2023
How Operation Blankets of Love Cover the World with Kindness

Blankets are simple everyday items that we often take for granted. But if you really think about it, blankets are life essentials. Blankets help you stay warm and give you comfort. Somehow, blankets represent security. For stray, neglected, and vulnerable homeless animals, blankets are lifesavers. And that’s what Operation Blankets of Love (OBOL) provide and more. With their effort, OBOL covers the world with kindness, and we love how they do it.

What is Operation Blankets of Love?

Operation Blankets of Love is a nonprofit organization for animal welfare and emergency relief in Los Angeles, California. They help save thousands of homeless animals that are stray, sick, neglected, and abused to survive and get adopted across the U.S. and internationally by providing pet food and critical pet items to animal rescues and shelters.

How Operation Blankets of Love Cover the World with Kindness

1. Operation Blankets of Love rescues the rescuers.

We love how selfless organizations and individuals try to rescue animals from the cruel life on the streets.
But we also understand how difficult it could be to take care of and prepare dogs and cats for adoption.
So operation Blankets of Love stepped in to give a helping hand by donating pet essentials. They provide food, blankets, beds, crates, leashes and collars, medical supplies, and toys to help the rescued animals feel more comfortable while waiting for their forever homes.

2. OBOL Assists struggling pet owners

Dog parents will do and give everything to their pets. And no matter how difficult life gets, having your pet taken away from you shouldn’t be an option.
Being homeless is hard enough but having a pet to feed and look after is tough.
Seniors are often on their own and only have their pets to keep them company and assist them. They'd rather keep their pets than give them up for adoption.
And there are low-income families with hearts of gold that care for homeless animals. These people are heroes, and OBOL is like Robin to these Batman. They help save the day.
Operation Blankets of Love understands that we all have our struggles. When pets stay at their owner's home, they have someone to take care of them, and they can stay out of shelters – especially kill shelters.
They're also less likely to roam in the streets where their lives could be worst.
Loving pet parents will never give up their pets but also wouldn't let them suffer. And pets are loyal.
They'll stick around no matter what circumstances their owners are in.
Operation Blankets of Love is here to ensure both the pets and their struggling owners are together and are comfortable and well provided with their necessities.

3. Helps veterans with pets

For homeless and low-income veterans needing pet food and supplies, OBOL partner with the Veterans Administration providing food, treats, pet beds, and other essentials for their pets and service animals in San Fernando Valley, West LA, Ventura, and Hemet every month.

4. OBOL is on standby during emergencies

Natural calamities are inevitable. When disasters hit, homes are destroyed, and lives are lost. Sadly, most owners leave their pets behind. Unfortunately, others lose them along the way in the face of chaos and catastrophes.
Animals also need care and assistance during natural disasters, and OBOL is always ready to step in and prioritize them.
As an official provider to the Red Cross, Operation Blankets of Love helps secure displaced animals during crises and provides food, crates, blankets, and other pet supplies.

5. OBOL teach humane education to young children.

Compassion and kindness are innate in humans. Kids naturally love animals; OBOL nourishes this love by providing fun educational programs.
These programs raise awareness and keep the passion for making the world a better place burning in children's hearts. OBOL invests in the youth – the hope of our nation – by teaching children in grades K-12 Humane Education Learning Program (HELP).
Operation Blankets of Love's HELP is one of California's only humane education programs.
They teach kids to be kind, respectful, empathetic, compassionate, and responsible.
They learn the importance of teamwork. OBOL also educates about the importance of anti-bullying to break the cycle, as it’s been shown that animal abuse has been linked to bullying and domestic abuse.

6. Operation Blankets of Love gets the community involved

Operation Blankets of Love hosts a collection drive to provide means for charitable people to help more pet rescuers, veterans and struggling pet owners during a crisis. If you want to be part of this beautiful work, call Eileen at 818-402-6586 to start your collection drive.

7. Shopping for a cause

If you sign up for Amazon Smile and choose Operation Blankets of Love as your charity, 0.5% of your purchases will be donated to OBOL at no additional cost. So if you need another reason to add to the cart and check out, this is it.

8. Eliminates animal homelessness and euthanasia

Some shelters euthanize dogs because they lack the space and resources to sustain their needs. OBOL aims to get dogs out of kill shelters by making them more adoptable through donating pet essentials, providing education, and promoting “Adoption is the Best Option” through their ambassadors.

9. Partners with other reliable organizations

To make a more substantial impact and reach more animals in distress, Operation Blankets of Love partnered with Red Cross Los Angeles. Here's a list of other organizations and individuals who partner with OBOL and help them with their cause:
• Southern California Veterinary Medical Association
• Human-Animal Support Services by Americans Pet's Alive
• Volunteers of America
• Veterans Administrations in Los Angeles (San Fernando Valley and Long
• Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA)
• LGBT Homeless Center
• San Fernando Valley Community Mental Health Center
• New Challenge Ministries (teens)
• Council members Paul Koretz Bob Blumenfield, and John Lee

• Congressman Tony Cardenas
• Assembly members Mike Gatto, Marc Steinorth, Cameron M. Smyth
• Supervisor Shelia Kuehl

How to help OBOL’s effort

Financial contribution

To afford the blankets, food, toys, and other pet supplies they provide, OBOL needs help in financing their cause. You can donate through their website via PayPal and credit card. You have the option to give one time or monthly.

Pet items

Help make pets relax and comfortable by donating new or gently used items such as:
• Towels
• Blankets
• Toys
• Collars and leashes
• Stainless steel bowls
• Crates
• Carriers
• Cat litter
• Grooming items
• Food and treats

Check out their drop-off locations here.

Planned Giving

You can make a bequest to OBOL and direct your gift to support a specific program or make it unrestricted. You can give through stocks, living trusts, wills, life insurance policies, gift annuities, pooled income funds, retirement plans, real estate gifts, bequests, legacy gifts, or donor-advised funds.

Matching Gifts and Employee Giving

Some companies are not just about profit. Others give their share for the
betterment of society by donating, volunteering, and even allowing their employees to make regular donations deducted from their payroll. Check with your HR department if you can do the same.

Shop and donate

Sign up at Amazon Smile and Ralph's Community Contribution Program to make your shopping worthwhile. They will donate a part of your purchase to Operation Blankets of Love.

Greeting Cards & Tributes

Make someone feel special by honoring them while donating $25 to OBOL. This is a perfect give that also gives back.

Operation Blankets of Love by the number
In covering the world with kindness since January 2008, OBOL has already rescued animals in more ways than one. They have helped:
• 880 animal rescue groups
• 19,455 homeless, veterans, seniors, and struggling pet owners
• 374 caretakers
• 109 shelter animals
• 14642 students learn about humane education
• 86 agencies that serve homeless people with pets
And counting! OBOL donate to over 50 animal rescue groups every month because they believe that the need never stops, and neither will they.

How can I be sure that Operation Blankets of Love is legit?

We can't blame you if you are hesitant to extend your help to nonprofit
organizations you're not familiar with. But OBOL has received awards and
accolades for its services since 2008. You can check out OBOL's testimonials and social proof on their social media channels, websites, third-party reviews, and news outlets.
OBOL received the Candid’s highest level in 2022. Candid is an information service specializing in reporting on U.S. nonprofit companies.
Operation Blankets of Love also partner with legit organizations and are supported by dozens of individuals and groups for their effort.

Final Words
If you're one charitable and compassionate dog lover, you must have Googled rescue dog near me one too many times. So many neglected dogs need a warm home and loving family to spend their days with. You can help make these dogs happy and comfortable, ready for adoption near Los Angeles, by assisting and supporting Operation Blankets of Love. Just think about it; you can make the world a more loving place with a blanket and cover the world with kindness, one rescued animal at a time.

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