August 17, 2022
Why Most People Would Rather Have Dogs Than Kids

Children are gifts. Babies are angels. But now, more people, especially millennials, would rather have dogs than kids. Why is that?

Why Most People Would Rather Have Dogs Than Kids

Are dogs easier to manage than kids?

Dog parents know that each dog has its own personality. Some are gentle, and others can be a little rough. But, generally, dogs are wonderful creatures and more:

  • Dogs are innocent and pure.
  • Dogs are selfless.
  • Dogs are fun to be around.
  • Dogs are a great company.
  • Dogs are reliable.
  • Dogs are unquestionably loyal.
  • Dogs can be trained.
  • Dogs are obedient.
  • Dogs will protect you.
  • Dogs are amazing emotional support animals.
  • Dogs are the best therapists.

Having real children is amazing.

We call them our bundles of joy. Kids can capture our hearts with their innocent charm and endearing smiles.

Kids say the funniest people. Their quick and witty responses can surprise you.

They give us a fresh perspective on life. When you look at things from their point of view, you will realize how beautiful and fun life is.

A childs' innocence is a breath of fresh air.

They say you ask a child if you want to hear the truth. Because they will never lie to you or sugarcoat things.

Their sense of wonder is contagious.

Children can be delightful and grow into outstanding adults when disciplined and raised in a healthy and loving environment.

Similarities between dogs and children

Dogs are said to be as bright as 2-year-old kids. Raising dogs is just like raising children.

Both dogs and toddlers are dependent on you.

You will have to feed them, care for them, especially if they get sick, bathe them, potty train them, and protect them.

You must spend time with your children as you would with your dog, especially in their developing years.

Both dogs and kids need your guidance and supervision.

You bond with your offspring and dog babies by playing with them and exploring the outside world together.

You teach your dogs and your kids the essential things they need, such as good manners and fundamental knowledge for survival.

Most dog parents are guilty of talking with and allowing their dogs to sleep in their beds as they would their children.

The difference between dogs and kids

family with dog

If both children and dogs are fantastic and have similarities, why do some people choose to have dogs over kids?

Dogs will not grow up the way kids do.

Unlike kids, dogs will not move out of the house when they get older.

Dogs will not go to college, have summer camps, or go through an emotional roller coaster in adolescence.

Dogs will not disrespect you. They will not bang their doors on you, guilt-trip you, demand you to buy them things, and yell, "I never asked you to have me!"

Dogs will never answer back disrespectfully. There are videos of dogs, especially huskies, "talking back" to their owners, but that cracks you up and doesn't stress you out.

Kids raised by parents who sadly had no idea about parenting could get rude and problematic. Sometimes you'll have to deal with the constant crying and temper tantrums when their needs are unmet.

Dogs will permanently be dependent on you.

When children reach a certain age, they start to become independent. They even insist on their independence even when they're not ready yet.

But you will always, until the end, clean up after your dog; pay for the vet and groomer; buy and prepare their food; wash them; and watch over them. It will be like having a baby for a long time.

The older children get, the higher the expenses.

Kids eventually grow up, so you'll have to pay for tuition fees, school supplies, more food, clothes, medical or health needs, and more expensive vacations.

Here are some excellent reasons people share about why they prefer having dogs over getting pregnant and raising kids:

Reasons Why People Choose Dogs Over Kids:

1. For charity and selfless reasons.

Many abandoned dogs need a family and a home. They realize that it's selfish and cruel to let an innocent child experience the world in its current state.

2. They've seen the wrong side of parenting.

"The best birth control is being around other people's kids."

They've seen their friends or family members' lives go downhill after having kids. Some people have such deep childhood trauma from their parents that parenting does not appeal to them.

3. They don't want to deal with impertinence.

Dogs are still funny and adorable, even when they give you an attitude. Does it also annoy you to see defiant kids? Kids could be entitled, bratty, or discourteous.

4. Dogs are less complicated.

Dogs are easier to understand than babies. They basically only need three things: food, play, and go for a walk.

When babies cry, it's hard to figure out what they need. Are they feeling sick? Hungry? Do they need to burp? Is their diaper full? Do they just want to get out of the crib? Are they bored and want to play? You will most likely be filled with anxiety and at your wit’s end before you can address their needs.

5. Dogs are more dependable.

You can rely on your dog's constant love. Dogs will not have mood swings where they will be affectionate in one moment and then give reasons why they hate you the next. The world may turn its back on you, but your dog never will.

6. Dogs are less expensive.

Caring for a dog may be quite costly, but it's nowhere near the expense of having a child. Your role as a parent keeps evolving. Your children's needs are getting more expensive from pregnancy to childbirth and from raising them until they're ready to take on the world on their own.

What if you don't have the patience and resources to provide and rear?

7. Dogs are low-maintenance.

It is more tedious to raise a kid. You have more significant responsibilities for a breathing, living child than a dog.

Keep your dog's food and water bowl full, give them belly rubs and ear scratches, take them for a walk or let them run around in your yard, give them their favorite toy, and you're good. They will leave you alone as long as their needs have been satisfied.

You don't need to bathe your dog every day. You can do it once a week.

You don't have to do the grooming yourself. Instead, you can simply drive to the nearest vet or pet grooming service, and they'll do that for you.

Can you pay someone to bathe and groom your baby? Maybe a nanny. Or their doting grandparents or aunts would do it for free but not every time you're not in the mood to do this parent duty.

You can leave your puppy at home. Though you sometimes come home to chewed furniture and little accidents inside the house, you will not be accused of being a neglectful or abusive parent. In addition, there's slim to no chance that your dogs will burn the house down.

Adjusting your schedule and lifestyle with a dog is easier than with a child. Your life turns 360 degrees when you start having kids.

There will be feeding, potty, play, bath, and nap time. And mostly, these are dependent on your baby's mood. Generally, dogs sleep when you sleep. They follow the leader of the pack. Dogs will wake you up when hungry or need to go potty, but their schedule is not as complex as babies'.

Puppies may be more energetic and demanding, and sick dogs may need to be monitored, but your dog will not make you lose sleep as much as your baby would.

Final words

They say it's rewarding to see your kids become good people and successful individuals. But so is watching your dog learn new tricks, win other people's hearts, and save you from your mental demons every time.

Dogs are cute in costumes, just like kids are.

With what's happening now-inflation, pandemic, climate change, "cancel culture" - is it wise to raise children? What will the next generation do if the future looks bleak?

Babies could be little tyrants. So we are at their mercy and at their beck and call. Because that's the responsible and decent thing to do with an infant. But with dogs, we are the masters (or so they make us believe).

There are spoiled dogs, but they are easier to please and appease. And they give us something good in return.

A dog's love and loyalty are incorruptible and incomparable. They may not be able to speak our language, but our souls are deeply connected.

To have kids or dogs, both or neither, is a choice you're free to make. As long as you know your responsibilities and you are happy with your choice, that's all that matters. Both dogs and children deserve to be loved. They can bring us immeasurable joy and are tremendous blessings.

How about you? Would you rather have dogs or kids?

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