October 13, 2022
7 Tips in Bringing Your Dog to Frosty’s Forest Pumpkin Patch & Corn Maze

‘Tis the season of shorter days and longer nights, when colors change to beautiful warm hues, cozy sweaters, and a comforting pumpkin latte.
Speaking of pumpkins, are you ready to visit a pumpkin patch and corn maze near you?

If you’re in Los Angeles and want to make this fall activity memorable and extra fun with your dog, you may be wondering…

Can I bring my dog to a pumpkin patch?

Well, we know just the place.

And we have seven helpful tips for bringing your dog to a pumpkin patch and corn maze.

Frosty’s Forest Pumpkin Patch & Corn Maze

If you're a dog parent, you want to involve your dog in your outings and have them participate in fun activities.

So when fall comes, one of your primary concerns would be if dogs can go to the pumpkin patch and corn maze to join you in your fall tradition.

Because who else can help you better navigate your way in the corn maze than your beloved fur baby?

Who else can be cuter posing among the pumpkins, especially in costume, than your adorable pooch?

There are pumpkin patches around LA, but dog-friendly corn mazes are hard to come by. That’s why we’re glad we found Frosty’s Forest.

Frosty’s Forest

Roam around and enjoy the exciting activities Frosty’s Forest has prepared for their visitors.

  • 4-acre corn maze
  • haunted corn maze
  • zoo for animal viewing
  • pony rides
  • camel rides
  • carnival-style games
  • corn cob beach
  • sunflower labyrinth
  • photo op paths with superb sculptures and backdrops created by local artists both the kids and kids at heart would love.

Relive your childhood with their awesome rides, such as the caterpillar coaster ride, cow train, ladybugs ride, Ferris wheel, zipper ride, carousel, swing ride, bumble bee ride, and inflatable slides and jumpers.

There are car parks and concessions, so food and safe parking spaces should be the least of your worries.

Frosty’s Forest will welcome visitors this October with activities and a theme promising to be the best one yet.

On their online calendar, you can view and book Frosty’s Forest pumpkin patch and corn maze events.

Schools that want to schedule an educational field trip for their students can find their sign-up form and field trip details on this page.
Frosty’s Forest also caters to groups and offers party packages.
Check out their current ticket prices and hours here.

When bringing your dog to Frosty’s Forest, you must keep them always in short leashes and pick up after them.

7 Tips in Bringing Your Dog to Frosty’s Forest Pumpkin Patch & Corn Maze

Aside from bringing what you and your family need, it would be best if you pack your dog's essentials when going to a pumpkin patch.

Always be prepared.

Tips before going to the pumpkin patch

1. Call ahead or research the place.

When is the best time to bring your dog to the pumpkin patch?

If your pup is a little anxious around a large crowd, consider going to the pumpkin patch when it’s not busy.

Before going, ask their customer service or research which days are best for you and your dog to drop by.

Do they sell food that is safe for dogs?

Places like Frosty Forest Pumpkin Patch offer attractions and activities for their guests.

As they are one of the few dog-friendly pumpkin patches & corn mazes in Los Angeles, ask them which activity you and your dog can join.

Inquire if they will host a costume party so you and your dog can arrive in style.

You can call them at 323-325-6314.

2. Keep your dog’s vaccination up to date.

For your dog and others’ protection, visit your vet to have their shots updated. If you have a senior dog, a sickly or just recently recovered from a health issue pup, ask your vet if your dog is fit to go. Your dog's health and safety should always be a priority.

3. Go for a test first.

If you're unsure how your dog will react to a place like a pumpkin patch or how they’ll behave around a large crowd, test it first.

Visit a dog park and see how they interact with people and dogs.

When possible, visit a small farm that allows dogs or the pumpkin patch during the off-peak hour (or season), so it's not too crowded.

A test visit will help your dog adjust should you want to return during an event specially made for dogs.

4. Bring your dog’s necessities.

Ensure you pack everything for your dog's safety and comfort.

  • Water and collapsible water bowl
  • Poop bag and scooper
  • Treats
  • Leash and collar
  • Wipes
  • Carrying bag
  • Towel (to wipe them before getting in the car as a pumpkin patch and corn maze could get muddy)
  • Chew toy
  • First aid kit
  • Your dog’s costume

Though the weather is cooler during fall, make sure your dog is still comfortable in their costume.

Aside from your essentials, don’t forget your camera!

A doggy photo shoot at the pumpkin patch is too adorable to miss.

5. Go for a walk.

Expand your dog's energy by going for a walk before stopping by the pumpkin patch.

Walking will help reduce their restlessness, so they're more relaxed when you arrive.

It will also help them do their business (pee and poo) elsewhere to avoid spoiling the pumpkins on display and save you the embarrassment and hassle.

Tips when at the pumpkin patch.

6. Follow the rules.

Most places have straightforward guidelines.
For example, some farms have strictly no pet policies, while others only ask you to keep your dogs leashed while in the vicinity.

Other places allow entry only for service dogs or dogs with updated vaccinations.

Some have designated areas for canines, depending on their sizes.

Frosty’s Forest only asks dog parents to keep their dogs on short leashes and pick up after them.

Adhere to the rules so that everyone can enjoy themselves without any inconveniences.

Be considerate of other guests. Sadly, not everyone enjoys the company of dogs.

Find areas you and your dog can safely have fun without disturbing others.

7. Keep an eye on your dog.

Keep dogs on their leash at all times. Be a responsible dog parent and clean up after their mess.

Always be attentive to your dog, especially when around strangers and while they sniff their way in the corn maze.

Be wary of potential hazards like apples, mushrooms, and molds growing in some crops.

(Most farms sometimes use pesticides, and corn mazes may have snakes!)
Watch where they're heading and what they're sniffing or chewing.

Although pumpkin is nontoxic to dogs, they might choke in pumpkin stems, rinds, pulps, or seeds. So stay vigilant!

If they need to go, stay away from crops or where food is being served.

Put your dog in a diaper when possible.

Pay attention to their body language and watch out for some tell-tale signs of dog anxiety, such as:

  • urinating more than usual
  • drooling
  • panting
  • excessive barking
  • pacing or restlessness
  • compulsive behavior
  • increased vigilance
  • chewing of paws
  • licking lips

If it gets too stressful for your dog, it’s time to leave.

Dog parents often ask:

Are corn maze and pumpkin patch dog friendly?
Unfortunately, not all pumpkin patches and corn mazes allow dogs.
That’s why we’re glad Frosty Forest welcomes our dearest pet dogs to enjoy pumpkin shopping and going through the corn maze, which we look forward to every year.

Is your dog ready to visit a friendly pumpkin patch and corn maze?
You are the best person to know the answer to this question as you know your dog’s limits.
How is your dog’s temperament? Is your dog well-trained, especially to behave in a crowd or with other dogs?
How do they react to other animals?
Are they fit to do physical activities that are outside their routine?
Does being in a new place surrounded by unfamiliar people trigger their anxiety?
Even kid-friendly dogs could be overwhelmed when many children are rowdy and noisy or wearing scary costumes.

They might panic and get defensive, nervous, or overly excited.
Can you manage your dog should it need to be calmed down?

Final Thoughts

Outdoor activities this season are a perfect excuse to get some crisp fall air and spend quality time with your dog.
A pumpkin patch is a fantastic location for your Halloween photo op!
It's a great place for kids to explore and learn about farms, crops, and animals.
Visit dog-friendly pumpkin patch & corn maze, Frosty’s Forest, in Los Angeles.
They are located at 11650 Santa Monica Blvd, West LA 90025.
Bring your family and see all the attractions and experience their activities - from picking out pumpkins for Halloween, finding your way out of the corn maze to carnival rides, and getting up close with the farm animals.

Keep these helpful tips in mind, get your camera out, and snap away to document an epic dog’s day out with your favorite fall adventure.

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