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The Rescue Train
13027 Victory Blvd., #522
North Hollywood, CA 91606
P: (323) 899-5640

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The Rescue Train was founded in 2004 as a nonprofit, 501(c) 3, no-kill animal welfare organization. Today we are known as one of the most innovative and hard-working groups in Los Angeles run by dedicated volunteers. Through our unique programs and solutions, we've helped save thousands of animals' lives. Our ability to collaborate and form partnerships to achieve our goals sets us ahead of the pack.

Rescue & Rehome
We’ve had close to two decades of experience saving animals from abuse, neglect and euthanasia. We rescue dogs and cats from city and county shelters and find them loving homes. We save all breeds, and we don’t shy away from senior animals or animals with treatable medical conditions. We invest a lot of time, love and resources in each animal in our care.

Our hands-on rescue work gives us a lot of experience evaluating animals’ temperaments and behaviors, and we pass this information onto potential adopters. Most of our rescues live in foster homes, which allows us to see how they behave in a home setting. We pride ourselves on matching the right pet with the right owner, resulting in a lifetime of love and companionship.