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Washington Dog & Cat Hospital
1692 W. Washington Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90007
P: 323-735-0291

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  • Mike Xu
    Said on Nov 13, 2015 by Mike Xu Reply

    Did not have a good experience. I was led there because it had 4 stars on yelp and good reviews.

    I have a Samoyed and she is the friendliest dog ever. White, fluffy and very cute. Samoyeds are one of the friendliest breeds.

    Dr. Husky was nice at first, and I can totally understand being guarded and being afraid of getting bitten. My dog was a little scared because she hasn't had the best experiences at hospitals, and dr. Husky told the nurse to put a muzzle on my dog just because she looked a little scared. My dog said hi to both him and the nurse and I thought the muzzle was unnecessary. My dog became very irritated after the muzzle was put on and I tried to calm her down but everything just went downhill from there.

    My dog has a very swollen anal sac glad and dr. Husky took her temperature by shoving a thermometer up her back, which I think caused a lot of pain. My dog didn't like it at all and hid under the chairs. That's when dr. Husky got irritated and angry. I then pinned my dog down and had very good control of her head, leaving her butt to the doctor. He then felt her anal gland, which my dog didn't like and tilted her head back towards him, which really scared him and made him very mad. My dog didn't even bark, she just yelped in pain. Yes she did show aggressiveness because she didn't like it but she didn't try to bite him. He then said that he can't treat her without sedation, which I understand. I was very nice the whole time and I decided to go somewhere else.

    It's what he said when I was leaving that really made me angry. He said in a very mean tone that "I'll put your dog down if she tries to bite me again!" I mean come on, are you serious? I understand if you refuse to treat my dog because you think she is aggressive, but did you really have to say that? You are a doctor, you are supposed to have a gentle and understanding heart. I can't imagine how he would treat other dogs.

    Everything would've been fine if dr. Husky was a little more gentle and understanding. His negative energy in the start didn't help my dog feel comfortable at all. Still, like I said, I would understand his decisions and anger right up until he had to say what he said. I don't understand how any pet loving person can say that.

    If you take your pets there, you might risk getting them mistreated or worse; he will put them down. I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone, unless you hate your pet.

    Go there at your own peril.

    Update. I went to Banfield pet hospital in Glendale the next morning because everywhere was closed when I got out of Washington, the 308 N Glendale Ave one, and everyone was super nice. They love my dog Snow. I would highly recommend them, their phone number is (818) 550-1490. None of the people there thought my dog was aggressive and they were shocked to hear of my horrible experience at Washington. My dog was obviously traumatized at Washington because she was even scared to go into the exam room at Banfield, but the doctors and nurses there comforted her with treats, toys and positive energy; they even put me into their biggest and nicest exam room to lessen my dog's anxiety.

    Unfortunately, due to delay in treatment, my dog's anal sac ruptured overnight but thankfully it's not as bad as it could be. I seriously would sue Washington and dr. Husky if I was a lawyer. My dog would be fine right now if dr. Husky had a bigger heart and had done his job. I went to Washington for help, and all I got was anger, pain and rejection, thank you Washington, thank you dr. husky, I can't wait to see this place get shut down due to med malpractice, Dr. Husky really doesn't deserve his title or license, he probably doesn't even have a license. He sure is the most unprofessional, small hearted doctor that I've ever met. Bad things will eventually catch up to him.

Washington Dog & Cat Hospital